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1.1 Welcome and Course Overview

Welcome to Vector Portraits for Beginners. Let me introduce myself to you and tell you why you can trust me in teaching you these basic concepts. I’ll also give you a quick overview on what we’ll be looking at in this course.

Images featured are final results of tutorials created by Sharon Milne, here on Tuts+. In order of appearance:

The final two images are a sneak peek of what you'll be creating in this course. Let's get to it! 

1.1 Welcome and Course Overview

Hey all, welcome to Vector Portraits for Beginners on Tuts Plus, my name is Sharon Millin and I'm the vector and drawing Editor here on Tuts Plus. I've been creating Vector portraits for over ten years now, both as a hobby and professionally. I started off creating portraits of my favorite celebrities, then I moved on to friends and later random stock images. It can be deeply rewarding, and it can also be a fun way to ease yourself into your favorite Vector program. It's where my career has started in Vector, and now not only am I the Tuts Plus Vector and Drawing Editor but I also create Vector portraits for a variety of companies, both for web and for print. I've also published a book via Peachpit and Adobe Press called Adobe Master Class Illustrator. But enough about why you should trust me in teaching you these basic skills. Let's have a look at what you're going to learn on the course, the course is Vector Portraits for Beginners. It's for those who know how to use the Pen tool and other basic tools in Adobe Illustrator. However, if you're confident with your Vector program of choice, you should still be able to follow along. I'll be walking you through two different portraits which use the same stock image. This available from Photo June. The first is a line art based portrait, and the second uses this line art to create a simple shaded portrait. With the techniques you will learn with both of the portraits, you should be able to create your own portraits from your own images. We'll be looking at some great time saving tips and tricks to make your portrait projects a stylish and pleasant task. As well as some great shortcuts to make any project more neat and tidy. Vector portraits can help you kick start your creativity in Vector illustration. This course will arm you with the skills and theory to give you a great head start. Before we begin though, let's move on to our first lessons. We'll look at what tools you need to know before starting this course, how to choose the right stock image when you're starting out, and how to create the three best Adobe Illustrator brushes in the world. I'm not kidding, I use these not only for portraits, but in other projects too. We'll also have a look at skin tones. So what are you waiting for? Let's get onto the first lesson.

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