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4.8 Final Touches

With the majority of our portrait complete, we’re now going to add some finishing touches. This will help make the portrait a little more refined. You’ll also learn a great tip on creating a quick retro/sun aged effect.

Color Guide

  • Background: #bac7da
  • Detailing on the jacket: #f1f1f2 / Blending Mode Screen, Opacity 50%
  • Lining of the jacket: #f05a28
  • Nails: #d91b5b
  • Glitter: #f1f1f2 / Blending Mode Normal, Opacity 30% / Blending Mode Screen, Opacity 50%
  • Lips highlight: #fbaf3f / Blending Mode Screen, Opacity 30%
  • Overlay on portrait: #652c90 / Blending Mode Overlay, Opacity 30%

4.8 Final Touches

Hey, all, welcome back to Vector Portraits for Beginners on Tuts Plus. My name is Sharon Milne, and in this lesson, we're gonna be adding the final touches to our portrait. [BLANK_AUDIO] First of all, we're gonna add a background color to our portrait. So create a new layer below all the color layers, and above the BG layer. Draw in a rectangle which covers the entire art board. I like to play around with different shades. And after deciding that pink hue would wash out the skin tones, I've went for a blue to enhance the eye makeup. I then went into the colors of the jacket, and added lighter areas formed on the reference image. This will help make the jacket look less flat. I've then added a little subtle detail for the inside of the jacket that's towards the neck. I've changed the nails to pink to match the pink of the lips. Let's add some texture to the eyeshadow by creating a glitter effect. Use the Blob Brush tool with a wide stroke set to an opacity of 20%. Add dots around the eyes, then group them together and lock them. Add some additional dots around the eyes. The reason why you group the dots initially is so that the new dots, which possibly overlap these dots, won't blend to make into one shape. This is what happens with the Blob Brush tool. Then use the Blob Brush tool to add additional shines to the lips. I'm going to use a golden yellow, set to blend in mode screen, and opacity 40%. Let's give the whole portrait a retro look, a sort of sun-aged look. To do this, create a new layer above all the other layers that you've created beforehand. Within it, draw a rectangle over the entire illustration. Then play around with different hues and different blending modes and opacities to alter the overall look of the portrait. Here I've used a fill color of purple, and set it to overlay opacity 30%. Let's zoom into the hair. Due to the transparency settings of the shapes for the shine, it's created a messy sort of look on the hair. Let's get rid of this. First duplicate the shapes for the shine, and then select the strokes for the new base shape for the hair. With this duplicate, and the new base, select them both, go to Path Finder > Unite. This will remove any gaps that are visible through the shine. And we're done. [BLANK_AUDIO] Our basic shaded portrait with line art is now complete.

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