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3.6 Focus on the Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Hey all. Welcome back to Vector Portraits for Beginners on tuts+. My name is Sharon Millin and in this lesson we're be looking at creating the eyebrows and eyelashes on the portrait. Within this lesson, we'll be using the custom made tapered brushes to create the eyebrows and the eyelashes. So, let's start by creating a new layer. And this is gonna be specifically for the eyelashes. I'm gonna be using the Brush Tool with brush with the shifted center points to draw the eyelashes. I'm gonna start off by drawing one eyelash. Then I'm gonna reduce the stroke weight to 0.25. Pay attention to the stock image underneath. You start drawing some eye lashes in the direction that the hairs go. Notice that some of the eyelashes overlap the eyeball. Draw confident strokes and draw C and J shapes to create the upper lashes and the lower lashes. The lower lashes will have a smaller stroke weight. Mine are going to be 0.15. Once you're finished, group together both sets of lashes. Now onto the eyebrows. So create a new layer. I'm going to use the same tapered brush with the shifted points to the side. This time the strokes are going to be 0.25. [BLANK_AUDIO] Remember to follow the stock image to draw the strands of hair going in the same direction. [BLANK_AUDIO] If you find that some of the hairs are too long or in the wrong place, use the Lasso Tool to select the points and then delete with your keyboard. [BLANK_AUDIO] Remember when it comes to eyebrows. The eyebrows don't have to be twins, but they at least have to be sisters, if not cousins. Once you've finished, group together your eyebrows, and that's it, done. Next time on Vector Portraits for Beginners, we're going to be looking at creating the line art for the hair. This is going to be a complex task but I assure you it will become easier as you go along. Thanks for listening.

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