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1.1 Introduction

Hey, everyone, I'm Ryan Quintal, and welcome to 30 Days to Learn Adobe Illustrator. In this course, you're gonna get all the learnings you need to create great vector artwork. In part one we're gonna be learning Illustrator's tools to create your basic vector designs. In part two, we're gonna learn the foundation of how all vector artwork is built. And in part three, we're gonna learn the effects and adding real polish to what you have to do. Now, everybody knows that when you're doing something like this, the best thing to do is have a project. Now the creative directors come to you with a new video game idea, called Vector Hero. And in Vector Hero, you play as a would be designer who has to learn Adobe Illustrator in 30 days. Okay, the game won't actually exist, but you get the idea. We're gonna design the cover for this video game. Now you wouldn't do this in Photoshop or any sort of raster art program, so Illustrator's gonna get the job done. Illustrator is very flexible, and if you're new to any Adobe product, don't worry or if you're a Photoshop user, welcome. you're going to love Illustrator and your going to see a lot of similarities. So, I'm glad you're here. Let's get ready to learn. Come on board and let's get started.

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