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2.6 Drawing the Medium Skin Contours

Hi, there. In this lesson, we're going to draw the medium contours for our vector portrait here. If we look at what we did in between lessons, we just completed underneath the neck and the left arm of our quarterback, and in completing the flesh work layer. Now what we're going to do is move on to creating the medium contours. Okay. So, if we start by lock in our flesh based layer and then creating a new layer by clicking the new layer icon and then entitling it, Medium Contours. Okay. Awesome. What we're going to do now is turn off the visibility of the Flesh Base layer, and we're going to turn on the visibility of the reference layer and just zoom in again to the face. Now what we want to do is have a look for a medium contour in regards to what we had as a flat, flash-based color, which is a pinky yellow. Now we're gonna go for a color that will go on top of that and give us some good contours. And we'll show how to apply those. So, we get the eye dropper, and we just click around here. We can see we've got a good color here for our medium contour. So, it is C 0.78, M 33.73, and Y 34.12, and the k value was 0. Again, we are going to get that color filled and we are going to drag it to the swatch pallet. Okay, and entitle it so we'll know what it is. Because we usually hang out with a flesh base. It gives us a flesh based color so we are going to double click on this and we are going to entitle it, Medium Contour. Medium contours. Okay, awesome. Just press, Enter. Right. Now, we've got medium contours. We're just gonna have a little run through where we're gonna play. It is quite tricky to be [INAUDIBLE] on this layer. We're gonna ignore the fact that the helmet is here, and we're just gonna run through. But we're gonna look at these medium kinda areas here and just apply it like so around these areas. So let's start just here, around the corner of the eye, and run it through. We'll set our opacity to zero, and we're just gonna curve around all this area here, round about through. We're going to have a shadow going on top of that. So, we're just going to go on the outer rims of this color within here in this corner. And now, looking at the top of the cheekbone, gonna run that around. We can see it's very much lighter here. So we'll just run it thinly just here underneath, surrounding the cheekbone area, and then we'll draw it quite extensively from the top of the nose here and inside, just weave around those light patches. And if we zoom in to the nose, so we're just gonna see better what is that medium contour that we need to draw. Awesome. Let's go along right up until the line, to the edge of the nose. And if we have a look, we can see that a medium contour comes in again. So round this part of the nose let's create some interesting sort of curves as best as we can. Okay. And some nice detailing as best as we can, and now just going along the edge of the nose. We'll just come inside here, because we see, we've got that slight light area around the edge of the nose. And let's just have a look. So, we want this area here, just that little bit right there. I'm gonna come back round. And we're just being very disciplined, just to spot the, we go back what the medium contour. Just bear in mind that there is going to be [INAUDIBLE] layers going above it. We are just going to see the medium contour. We see there's light here, so we draw around there, around this part here, around the cheek. We see this thin line. We'll just all draw along that line as best as we can. And then we'll come down here, and we're actually going to draw a bit. So over, around, above the upper lip, and then we've got some lighter areas of red again going around the outside, so if we curve that in. Excellent. And then, again, we draw these shapes up in here. Let's zoom in so we can see this corner properly. Let's go on in down and around. So we're actually gonna come back in here for a curve along there. We won't worry too much about the lips because we're gonna be drawing on top of them, just get the base parts. So we come around this part below, adjacent to the lip. And we just draw along this line again cuz we got the lighter areas just above it, so we don't want to draw into that part. And then, the corner as well, just where a bit of light shine is coming through. Okay, awesome. [SOUND] So now we just go up along the edge. I'm gonna say, let's go up and around and up here. And around down here. Okay, awesome. And go along this area and come back down. Just finish off this partition here, just zoom in. Let's go along here. Let's come inside because we've got some areas there where we're going to add darker contours. All right. So, just going to go around and we're actually just going to draw these areas in here. I think I wanna [INAUDIBLE]. So, we weave back on ourselves so we don't overlap. Convert our shape. Come back along here. I've gone around. Just up this part here and just draw just a little bit inside here because these are a bit light in those areas and complete our shape. And then, we'll put opacity to 100. Okay. So now, if we click on our base layer, we can see that we're getting some contrast in there, some detailing. That is the same. The principle that we will apply for the arms also and underneath the neck. So, that is how you apply the medium contours to the board trait. What we will do is continue applying medium contours to the neck and the arms also. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.

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