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4.1 Conclusion

Throughout this Mastering Sports Illustration and Design Tuts+ course, we have learned how to create an initial composition in Photoshop, as well as mask out the background of our sports players using the quick selection and Refine Edges feature. We then crossed over into Illustrator to create a realistic and energetic vector portrait, by firstly adding a detailed line-work layer before going on to draw the flesh-based layer, then the dark and light contours to complete the skin work. And then finally drawing the kit of our sports player. We then created a two toned silhouette which we exported as a PSD, to complete the sports illustration section of the course. We then crossed back over into Photoshop to design our poster by adding energetic elements, such as splatters and chalk marks, to the composition, as well as text and cool textures, using a minimal but impactful color scheme. Upon conclusion of this course, you are now equipped to employ these skills and techniques to master sports illustration and design.

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