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3.5 Adding Chalk Marks to the Design

Hi. This is Simeon for Touch Plus. And in this lesson, we're going to look at adding Chalk Marks to the design. Okay. So for this lesson, you'll need the Chalk Marks psd file. Okay, so basically, number of mixed media elements can add dramatization. And can add elements of impact. And detail to a design. So, you've got some Chalk Marks to the right and we could go to the file itself. And we see our layers. All the marks are on separate layers. Mark 1. Mark 2, etc. Though, we're gonna focus initially on using mark 2. And we're gonna drag that into our composition. Okay, so if we just click onto Full Screen Mode for the moment, and what we'll do, is we'll put in mark 2. We've just imported above the quarterback. Okay, that's awesome. Let's zoom in one. All right. So basically, what we wanna do is a few things but initially, we're just gonna make it a tad smaller. Hold down Shift at one of the corners and just decrease it like so. Now, we can see that its Color Overlay is a deeper Gray, which is not a kind of color we want. We want something that's going to stand out against the Blue and the White. We're looking, and we got this Yellow here. So, we just double click, pick a Color Overlay. And so, we can see what we're doing put that down a little bit. Click onto the actual color picker and just click this, Yellow. Now this yellow's measurement all CMYK values are C 9, M 13, Y 91, and K 0, okay? All right. Excellent. So basically, what we're going to do now, is just minimize it some more and place it around the actual American Football. It's gonna act as if, it's a kind of flash point even fire if you like, this motion speed. Electricity if you like. That's how we're going to use the Chalk Marks, just to add impact and drama. So, again, we'll make them a little bit smaller, about like so size. And then, we're going to use the Chalk Marks to accentuate the speed points even more. Basically, we've got that first chalk mark positioned. What we're going to do now, is just make a few tweaks to it. So if we just pick the rubber. I've got rubber set to 905 with a soft outer edge. So hardness to 0 and we've got capacity at 11%. Flow to 100. We're literally going to click the edges and the lower parts if you just zoom in again, lower parts, so they fade out slightly to give us more sort of realistic affect. Okay. So now, we're going to do simply duplicate this mark, by dragging it down to the new icon layer and that will duplicate that for us. What we should do now, is literally just go, Edit, Transform and flip horizontally. And just gonna reposition this on the other side of the ball. Maybe not exactly in the same fashion, so it looks symmetrical. That's not the kind of finish we're after. But sort just rotate a little bit. And then put it there like so. And again, if we need to make any rubber adjustments, we'll do that just like the. Okay, super superb. Right, and again, I'm gonna do the original chalk mark to. We're just going to base it sort of around the quarterbacks elbow area. Just symbolizing the sort of movement in there. Okay. So sort of like light bolts and such, so this is the highlight points. We're using it as a Mixed Media Injection of Energy which will hopefully, will work out very well for us. And again, we'll just duplicate that. And maybe just go edit, transform, flip vertically. And I'll just rotate that little bit. And then again, just rotate it like so. And this is all just preference at this point. And then again, we can just have that going on. So at the edge here, we've got a good reference point there. And then now, we've just come with a rub it again. And just tweak certain areas like the so that it doesn't stand out too much in certain bits. Okay. Literally right now, what I want to say, is just to have fun with it. Literally have fun with it, and just keep applying these marks. So I'm gonna duplicate that mark again. And I'm gonna put one on the edge on the sort of shoulder here. Maybe symbolizing movement going along that. We do have more shapes within. Let's just put this one here. Put this here like so. We do have more shapes within the file. So if we come over and it just depends, whichever one takes your fancy. That one was pretty good that we were using. If we look at mark three again, we will bring it over. What we shall do, before we bring that over, is create a new group folder and title it Chalk Marks. We will drop all of the Chalk Marks into the Chalk Mark Folder. Okay so, if we want to eradicate those, because you never know, your client may not like them. Maybe Chalk Marks work better, whatever it might be. If you keep them organized, it might be you need to change the color. So, I mean, as we've got these all to one color. The client might say no, we want to keep to a Blue Color Scheme. You go to Color Overlay, for an example and you put it to sort of a blue-ish color. That might take their fancy. Or green. You, the choice is yours in that sense. At the moment, we're just gonna pick we'll keep to the yellow, just for example. So it's good to keep everything organized, as we say, in relevant folders. Okay. And basically, what I'll say, we do in between lessons is, finish off the chalk marks. Slide them maybe around the quarterback. And [INAUDIBLE] maybe alongside some of the splatters. Anywhere you think it adds energy, and motion, and drama to the design, okay? And in the next lesson, what we're gonna do, is look at adding some more elements to the text. And we're also gonna add a cool color to our running back here. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.

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