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3.4 Adding More Splatters to the Design

Hi this Simeon for Touch Plus and in this lesson we're going to continue with the composition by adding in some more splatters and just making some tweaks and continuing to add energy and motion to the piece. Basically this is how far we've got, we've added the splatters in the last lesson and now we're going to go on to add some more. Now within this lesson you'll need splatter two and also splatter three files. Okay excellent. So this is what we're going to do. Click on this splatter 2 file, and just a reminder, if you want to have two or three files up at time, there's a range, and then two up vertically or three up vertically, dependent. So what we want to do is Click on to Layer 1, on the Splatter 2.psd and just drag that into the file, okay. Now the next thing we're going to do just to keep all the last splatters organised, is we're going to create a new group folder and we're going to call it, Y base splatters. Okay, excellent. Right, now we're going to click onto the news splatter that we just put in and call it splatter three. Okay, and that's within our poster file. Now we're just going to click F, and just put that to full screen mode. I'm going to set the color overlay again. So, what we can do, just click on Splatter 2, which we know has got the white color of the light layer style. Copy that style. And click on the Splatter 3, we just brought in. Paste that layer style and that will turn it white for us. Excellent. Now, what we want to do is just position that also In a way where we increase in the motion. Okay. So basically, what we are going to do is actually just turn off the visibility of splatter three for a second and click back onto splatter two. Now splatter two is in a position just below the quarterbacks thigh. We're actually going to move that and just twist that slightly, so it's just coming off over the edge here. And even if it yes, just going along the edge of the hip, just there. So it's kind of a circular motion, as such, right there, okay? We're not even going to delete this little bit on the shoulder, as such. Now, we're going to turn back on splatter three. We're just going to have that just going off an angle, at a tangent. Sometimes I feel like this could have a clear view without seeing all the interface and the layers and so forth. We just want to see the design by itself. Just click the Tab key, and that get rid of everything so we can see exactly what we're working with. Okay, so I'm assuming it's dying to get some energy. And at the bottom portion, so just click that back on, so just click the tab key again. Now if we click on to Splatter 1, at this point it's a little bit disjointed from the rest of the composition, not because I, in my opinion. So what we're going to do with Splatter 1 is just adjust that. These are very much points of, what we'll call opinion and just call it positional tweak but we want to get the best energy we can get, so we're just going to minimize it slightly. Zoom out, make it a little bit smaller, bring that up so we can see and. Maybe just put it as more of an angle even. Okay. Now we just click okay at this point. Now let's just move it down. See how that looks. Nope. We've got good energy. It may be we might need to just make some tweaks later on but now if we go to a step back just by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Z or Alt+Command+Z. And we're going to take a step forwards. We can see that this little tweak has helped us, and we're getting more of the droplets here which seems to work for the composition. Okay so now that we feel we're happy with that, let's go in and I'm bringing up a spattering. Okay so if we go F, F and we're going to click on to Splatter 3 and we're going to go onto Layer 1 from Splatter 3 and we're going to bring that in. Okay. And again, we've brought into the white base splatters and we can just Click Paste Layer Style and that will turn that white as well. Go to full-screen mode. And we just want some, maybe a cool little streak coming off of his elbow. We're keeping this motion sort of theme going along. Going on. So if we put that at his elbow there, that will carry that off of him, kind of keep to the emotional theme. We've still got a bit of work to do, but that will definitely help us. So. What we shall do is place that there. Maybe make it slightly bit bigger. Just hold down the shift, increase the size. Just have that over the side like so, it is pretty impactful in regards to motion. Basically what we are looking for is a splatter sort of mask going all around the edge of the quarterback. So we're good at the top. We've got some work for leverage even to bring in a series of splatters or shapes or chalk marks that are a different color and in a different contrast. But we have this gap here. So we do need to fill that. Okay. I'm just looking at the right side. It would be a good idea for us to bring that in slightly. No, not so much. What we could do is just angle it a little more and bring it up and out. Just tab it up a little bit so we're getting here we're getting more sense of movement. In conjunction with these sort of shoulders. He's on a lean and that works pretty well. So we'll look at that. We'll look at that. Okay so yes, that's doing pretty well. What we'll do is we'll go F and F again, we'll go back into our splatter three file and we'll click layer two and we'll drag layer two in. Then we'll go F again just to put it to full-screen mode. And I'm sure we know the drill by now, we literally going to right we can paste layer style. So now we've got our new splatter in there. Maybe just to put, position it and angle it a little bit toward tinge to the left. That could work. Or there's an option of flipping it around and we're getting a good, sort of interesting shape here. Maybe, like so, without making him look a bit too square. So if we yes, if we position it there at that point. Okay. So, now we're really starting to get somewhere with the splatters.yes, where we have a good composition or arrangement for the splatters. Obviously we'll go on to tweak them slightly but that is going to be the main gist of how the poster will work. So ultimately that is how you add spatters to the design in an impactful way to add drama, motion, and sense of energy to the design. And in the next lesson we'll look at incorporating short marks into the design. I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson.

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