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7.1 Publishing Options

Now that you have your magazine all ready and it's off to print, what's the next step? Well, it's time for you to consider how you're going to publish this magazine. You've sent it off to a printer, so more than likely you're gonna get a bunch back and you're gonna distribute them locally to vendors, and you may even mail them out to a subscriber list. That's entirely up to you. However, there is one other option that you have available that allows your magazine to get out into a lot more hands and a lot more eyeballs can take a look at it. And I'm talking about the Internet. The Internet has a host of options available to you for hosting your magazine for others to view. You can link it to your website, link it on your social media networks, you name it. There's several ways that you can share this magazine when you explore ways to put it online. All that you have to do is pick a service and many of them are available to you for free. This way you can just upload a PDF of your magazine and it uploads it to a library that you can quickly get some embed code to put that into your website. Or you can get a sharable link that you can share with friends and other subscribers via email, Facebook, Twitter, whatever happens. This is a great way to share your magazine and make sure that it has legs more than just the print will provide you. Now the only thing to consider is that if you have a paid subscription magazine, you may not want to give the entire magazine away for free online. But these services allow you to host it. And when you're looking to upload a PDF to a site online that allows you to host your magazine, you do not want to use the PDF that you create for print. The reason being that, that PDF is much larger, it's a full resolution version that you're sending off to be printed. You don't need that high of a resolution when you're looking to upload your magazine to the web. The other thing is that it has crop marks and you've used a bleed and you've given all sorts of markings all over the page that you don't need your readers to see when they're browsing through it through internet software. Therefore, the best thing that you can do is have two versions to publish. You have your print version that you send to your printer and then you save another PDF in a smaller web format that doesn't have a bleed. Doesn't have any crop marks or other markings on it, and is much easier to upload and view online. So once you have those two versions, you can easily upload that web version to the host of your choice and then you're free to share that across the world and across multiple platforms. What a great way to get that magazine out into more than just a print format. [MUSIC]

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