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7.2 Final Thoughts

Hi everyone. Now that you have all of the basics for getting started in magazine design, it's time to go and start your project. If you have any questions that I didn't cover here in this course, please head over to the course forms and I'll do my best do answer anything that you have. Or you can just start a discussion on print design. Art in general, I'll be there to join the conversation. Now if you found that you had any trouble in this course what so ever, make sure to check out my other design courses. I go through the very basics, all the way up to some advanced design techniques, that I may not have gone as in depth with in this course. So if you struggled at all, be sure to check those out. It'll help you a great deal in understanding how print design works and then you can come back and apply that to your magazine design. You can find me on line anywhere at nickihart.com or you can hit me up on twitter @digitalhart. I look forward to talking to you guys a lot more. Thank you again for watching. And I will see you in the next course.

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