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4.5 Feature Article Layout-Style 2

Hi everyone. Here is a look another article option for you. This one utilizes a few more photos than the last one. We're back to the color palette that we originally set for our magazine, and we also have some fun overlay here where we have tech starting out our article, moving over into a secondary page. A lot of the same things are happening, though. You still have a colored block quote. You still have your image credits, and you can see that we've brought that line over that we started in the last article to create that cohesive design that is so important. The other thing to note is that we've ditched the typical masthead, but we've left the same sort of font choice here, that's totally fine. You can change up your articles, but you notice that from our previous article, down to this article, there is still a similar look and feel that makes this all look like it's part of the same magazine. So let's go ahead and design this article. Okay. So, we are back to just a plain white double spread here. We're still using the two column lay out. So we have a two column master applied, but you'll notice that on page eight we don't have a master applied. This is one way to get rid of that footer if you're gonna have something come down and you don't want that blocking your design. You can easily just take off a master page on one side and keep it on the other, and then it won't interfere with any of the graphics that you have going on. So, let's go ahead and get started. I always work kind of from the back forward with a lot of this. So we're going to place our first large image. And again, just clicking and dragging from a folder where I have all of this nicely stored and available. So you can see this doesn't quite fit. So it doesn't have too far to go. So I'm just gonna hold CTRL+Shift and make that fit all the way in, and I'm choosing to crop the bottom instead of the top there so it fills the page. Now, even though this image covers up the footer, we could have left that master page applied if we wanted to, but this is one way to make sure that that text doesn't come through. And then I'm gonna go ahead and make sure this is applied on the photo layer so it's at the bottommost of all of our layers. Okay, and from there, we are going to drop in the remaining of our photos, and I'm just doing that so that it's placed on the page for me. I'm a big fan of dropping the in content that you need right away. And it kinda helps you see what's available, even if you're gonna move things around. So it's a good idea to bring in all that content that you have. All right, so we have this overlay. This is a fun way to allow yourself to create some really neat text on your page that is gonna overlay on top of a photo and make that text illegible, because this is such a happening image, it's gonna be hard to put text over it. So this way we can put a colored box, rectangle over that, and it just sort of helps us create this neat way to accentuate our text. So we're gonna actually make this no border white, and we're gonna bring it down a bit in opacity. So we can still see a little bit of our image behind bleed through. So this is gonna be a little bit of a test for now, but let's just say 80% so we can see a little bit but we still have enough white overlaid on that image so that the text shows up. And then we can go ahead and drop in another article headline. And we're going to use that character style, H1 Headline, that we've been using for all of our headlines. The only thing that you may need to do is shrink up the text slightly. So, we're gonna make this line up. I'm actually gonna make that smaller, and then this to line up with that. Okay, and then just make sure that it fits into your rectangle. Sorry, there we go. Okay, so it fits in there like that, and if you don't have enough room, you can drag out accordingly a little bit of extra space on that rectangle if you need to. Okay, and then I'm gonna line this up just by pushing it slightly down the page a little bit, and then we have maybe a quote underneath or a little bit of an explanation. So I'm going to make sure that this is our body_black to start with. Fill this with place holder text for now. You will probably have some real text that you're applying. Left justify it. We're actually gonna change up the font to a Futura Regular font and we're gonna make it slightly larger, definitely put some more line spacing between this so it's a little easier to read, and then we're going to change this to a gray color. Okay, and then again make sure that it's on the text layer if you'd like to keep that organized, and we're gonna bring that over here. Okay, and if it's harder to see, if you notice that that text is hard to see, you can go ahead and take this transparency up to 90%. See, it makes it a little easier to read that. Okay, and I'm actually going to take one line out for that. All right, and then I'm just going to duplicate this to create our main text box, however, it's going to go back to our body_black style there, and I'm just going to fill it with more place holder text. And then I'm going to create a drop cap here, back to our paragraph. Create a rather large drop cap. There you go. And we're gonna change that to the same font as our article header, and then this is going to be that teal color. We're gonna bring that color in, nice. Now, one thing when you have your articles if you're dropping an article that's already typed up in, it's easy to just go ahead and click that plus sign. And you can bring that in until it's completely filled out, and I'm just gonna fill this with more place holder, and then I am going to extend this a little bit and fill it with even more text so that it overfills again, and then we're gonna create a smaller box of text here and fill it up. There you go. So that's more than likely what's gonna happen with your article text is that you're going to have a lot of it so you can span that cross multiple text boxes, but the nice thing is, when I select it, see it's all selected across the text boxes, that's exactly what we want to happen. Okay, and the next thing we're going to do is we're gonna place in our images here so it fits nicely. So I'm just going to use our margin lines as a guide to fill that. Same thing here, to fill that. And we're gonna move this up slightly and move that up to line everything up. I love when things line up together. It just makes it look like it was intentionally supposed to fit there and that's exactly what we want. Okay, so that all lines up. Now I'm going to again select just a few lines of text to be our quote here. Make it a little bit shorter. Add an extra return. And then instead of orange, let's go ahead and make it that nice blue color again so we start bringing all of that into play here. And then I'm going to hit another return there just to give it some extra space. All right, and then I'm going to go ahead and copy this, just selecting that from the previous article. New text box, paste it in, and just make it a gray color, right align that, and it's a continuation of our lifestyle, but we want the same font for that. And then we're just gonna bring it in here, kind of line it up right with that margin, there we go, and then the only thing left to do is draw out another line here, and we're gonna take this, just partially down. The stroke, we're gonna make it orange, and we're gonna make it 15, the same as that purple line that we had in the other article. And this is a way to bring those design elements across, but they just have different colors, which is okay. And then you have your image credits. So we had an image credit here, so why not go ahead and copy that and paste it into our new article. We're gonna make this line up without a rotation, though, and then that image credit is gonna go in that extra white space. All right, there you go, and just in a little bit of time you have a completely different article, this way giving you a lot more room for some text and quotes and more photos. So let's go on to yet another style.

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