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6.3 Exporting PDFS

Hi, Everyone. In this lesson I'm going to show you how to take one more look at your PDF with Acrobat. So we're gonna use Acrobat here. We've already created the final magazine PDF that we're gonna send off to print, and this includes all of our pages for our magazine. But typically when you're working with printers, they are going to require that you send over each page as an individual PDF. Now, if you have a 100 page plus magazine, going in there and manually saving out each PDF and InDesign is going to be nothing short of a nightmare. So the wonderful thing with Acrobat is you can extract those pages pretty quickly, and get those ready to go to your printer. So let's go ahead and take a look here at our final magazine, and we are going to open that with Adobe Acrobat. Okay, so once Acrobat opens up, we have a look at our magazine. Now there's a couple things that we're gonna do first before we get ready to look at those, before we get ready to extract those as individual PDFs. One thing I like to do is I like to Preflight one more time in my PDF and this just makes sure that everything is as it should be. So you have some fixup options here. You can go ahead and convert to CMYK if you want to. You can actually downsample any of your images if they're too large, and so on. You can also look to embed your fonts, flatten any transparency that needs to be flattened, and all of that. The other thing that you can do is an analysis of your PDF. And you can list some common problems that show up. For example, if you're using any spot colors, you can double-click this and it'll list any of those spot colors. And you wanna make sure that you actually want to list those. You can also list any non-embedded fonts that may be a potential issue, and some other options. So if you wanna go through here and use those, you can. It's a great way to double check one last time to make sure that everything is as it should be. And then again you can use those fixups if you need to. Okay, so once you have everything ready to go with your PDF, and you want to make all of those pages individual, this is how you do that. You go over here to Pages, Extract. And you set from 1 to however long your magazine is, and you're going to extract those pages as separate files. And what happens is it has you search for a place to save that. So I'm gonna go ahead and make a new folder, call it Final Pages. I always do this for my magazines, I always have a Final Pages folder in my area. I'm gonna hit OK. And what's gonna happen is, it's gonna create that folder, and then it's going to take all of our pages and create individual PDFs out of all of those. Okay, so once that's ready to go, you can see now that I have 16 individual PDFs all making one page out of each of my magazine pages, so you'll have as many as you had here. Now, all you would have to do is upload this, FTP that, however you need to get it to your printer. You would send all of these individually, and they are ready to go.

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