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4.7 Feature Article Layout-Style 4

Hi everyone. In this lesson, we're going to wrap up one more design option for you, and hopefully all four of these will give you some great ideas to pursue even more designs than just these four. So the one design that we had yet to touch on was actually a very simple design, and it's not gonna take that much time at all to create, but it's a very powerful spread because it's all based on an image. And the thing about this image is it goes all the way across the page, but it doesn't go all the way to the other side. It leaves some space for some text. Now you can play with this and of course have the image go all the way across and you can place a colored box on top of it. Much like we did in another article design. But this is one that sort of allows you to really have that big pop of an image and then just a small amount of text to supplement that, and really just the pop of color here is what makes this spread come alive. So let's go ahead and dive right in, and go ahead and create this. Okay so here we are again with just a blank document here. We're now on page 12 and 13 of our magazine spread. One thing you'll notice is that we have a master applied to the left side, but not the right side. Because the image is gonna cover all of the right side. So let's go ahead and drop that image in here, have a nice large image of some fruit. And we're just going to have this fill all the way across like so. Now I wanna make sure to avoid that section right there. So we're gonna scootch this over slightly just so that it fits in the space. All right and then the only other thing we had going on was. Again, I'm just gonna copy this because it already exists from the other article. And this is just keeping that simple version of the masthead in use here. And then this, I'm just going to change it up to Arts and Cultures. So we do have a variety in our magazine of topics. And then we're just gonna drag out another text box, fill it with placeholder text. And this time, I'm going to leave it as a, instead of the regular body text, we're going to have it, instead of the regular body text, we're gonna use a San serif font here, just to vary things slightly, but still keep true to our overall design. Okay, I'm just gonna keep filling this with placeholder text. All right, something like that. And I'm going to make this a nice gray and we're gonna make it a larger font and then give this difference, we're gonna make sure that there is a lot more space between our lines than we've had. This is gonna be a much smaller article and then we're gonna go back to our paragraph and make sure that it's justified the same way. Okay, and then we're gonna go ahead and apply a large drop cap here. And then, this is where we're gonna drop in a color. And there's so many colors going on here that I'm gonna use a purple. We already used this in our first article, so it's okay to use it again. And then we are going to go ahead and draw out that other line here in the white space since we have a lot of white space here, and that's okay. We are going to make it the nice orange color and give it a nice wide stroke here and then we are just going to line it up in line with the photo. I think one more, there we go, just like so. All right so as you can see when you have large images, it's very quick and easy to get a layout with a small amount of text, and a large photo in place. So, now that you've had a chance to see four different designs for your magazine features, go ahead and play and explore because there are a lot more options available to you.

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