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4.6 Feature Article Layout-Style 3

Hi everyone. In this feature article we're gonna change things up just slightly, and I'm gonna show you how to design a layout based on a corresponding ad. Now, this is under the assumption that this ad over here on the right, is given to you, you didn't design it. It's given to you from an outside source and you're dropping in it as a full page ad. So this way, we're using the ad as inspiration for what we're going to design on the left. Now that's not to take away from the ad. Your advertisers really don't want you to be competing like that, but it does work well with this really dark black background to use this across the spread. And it actually makes that ad pop a lot better. So this is going to use a different contrast than our previous articles that way it just gives you another option for your layouts plus it still cohesively looks like it goes with the rest of our previous layouts. Even though it's a dark layout, it still has a lot of features that make it part of our overall magazine design. So let's go ahead and get started with our layout. Okay, so here we just have a blank page over here on the left. The other ad is just dropped in, whether you drag it in from a source like we've done all of our other photos or we place it up here with file place navigate to your ad. But it's already designed for us. So we just drop that in and that's one page that's really easy to have complete. So you'll notice here that we're just working through our magazine. Now we're on page ten and that we don't have a master page applied to it. So the first thing that I'm going to do again, just work from the back forward. So I'm going to place that big black block of color here to get us started on our background. So it's just a solid black. And this is where layers come in very handy. You wanna make sure that's on the photo layer all the way to the back, you're gonna layer everything on top of that. So from here, we're just going drag in that first photo to get that place into our document. Make sure it goes all the way from bleed line to bleed line, like so. And this format is going to work really nice for smaller articles. Articles that don't have quite as much content to cover here. So we want that to fill. Now we're gonna cut into the photo a little bit. So we're just going to take another rectangle, and we're going to click and drag out here with this rectangle. And it doesn't need to be that large. We don't wanna cut his hand off actually so we're just gonna drag it like that. And this, again, is gonna be that solid black no border around that, no stroke. So it cuts into the image and it kinda has a neat effect for our headline. So from there we're going to take and have a one page article is what we essentially have going on here. Real quick we want to make sure that we put that to the text layer and then we are gonna make all of this text white but we are gonna use that cyan color, this blue down here just as a offset. We don't wanna go completely black and white, we still wanna have some colors popping off of our page here. So we're gonna take and just like before we're gonna shrink this down so that it fits into our black box. And it is going to come a little bit down into our page here. And then from there we're just gonna add a decorative element that comes out across. And it's just going to be a very small stroke that we're going to duplicate, and it's just going to be a very light gray stroke, almost barely barely seeing it. Let's use the dotted line instead. There we go. Then I'm just going to hold down Alt+Shift and then we're gonna duplicate that, and I'm going to zoom in here actually so we can see this a little better. And we're gonna duplicate this four times. Okay, and then once you have that, just so it's easier to select those, we're going to group that together, and I might have accidentally. Selected, yes. There you go. Okay. So that's just a decorative element that we have underneath our headline. Okay, from there, we're just going to drop in our article text. Again, make sure that that is on the text layer. And we're gonna drop in some placeholder text like we have before. We wanna make sure that we can see it. So it's going to be white. And it's going to be back to our normal size. And, not caps. We fill it with some more place-holder text, so it fills the page here. There we go. Left-justify again. We like all of our articles to be left-justified, and I'm just fixing that so it fits a little better. Okay. And then, find a natural break here, assuming we're gonna have two paragraphs for our article text. And then I'm gonna bring this in, and line that up with our square dots there. It's really good idea to line things up if you can. It just creates a really nice cohesiveness there, and then I'm gonna bring this over so it lines up, and bring that box in slightly, so it fits. And then again, we're going to create a drop cap here, a nice big drop cap, and we're gonna use that same blue color, and we're gonna go ahead and make that a bold version of that. Okay. And then the only thing left to do is, to bring in another image for this space over here in the black. So I'm gonna bring in this. You might recognize this image from the table of contents. So perhaps this article is going to be one of our features that we have in our table of contents. It's a good idea to use photos for that, and make sure that if you use photo in your table of contents that you also reference them somewhere in the actual article. That's just a good way for people to visually tie your content together. Okay, so then it just fits like that. And then we're gonna go ahead and put a dotted stroke around this as well just to create a design element here that ties in with everything else. And it just fills that black space. And there we go. Now we have a very high contrast article here that goes well with the ad that we did not design, that was given to us, but this way it still looks like it all goes together, even though you have different fonts over here. They still all match and you have a nice blue that corresponds nicely with the warm orange of your ad.

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