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2.3 Create a New Document

Hi everyone. I have InDesign open right here and we're going to start right away and create our new document. Now the steps that I show you here will work for any version of InDesign that you have. So let's go ahead and get started. So we are going to create a new document. Now, for our magazine we are going to create all of the pages that we want in one file, but I always usually start out with one page. And then I just add pages as I need to. You don't need to set that up right now unless you know, for example, that you're going to have a 20 page magazine or a 40 page magazine and then you can enter that here. So we are going to create a print document, facing pages is checked. The only time that you don't need this checked is if you don't want your pages to work together and rather just stack them in a line. But since this is a publication, we will use facing pages. Our size, now you can have any size that you want but we're going to go with a standard A4 size for our magazine. If you want to get very creative in the size you can go ahead and enter that here. Orientation is going to be portrait. By default we're going to have our columns set at one and then we're gonna add more columns to our master pages in the following lesson. And we are going to leave the gutter the same. Margins at half an inch is decent, and don't forget to add that an eighth of an inch bleed and make sure that it goes all the way around by having this checked. And then if you hit OK, we have our new document ready to go. And from here you can set up additional requirements for your document. And you can add more pages if you want to here, you can add as many as you want to. You'll see that your master pages are here. And then, for me, I always have a very simple workspace, and then I add as I need to, but I just have my colors and my paragraph and character styles. If you need anything just go to Window and you can add any palette that you need to continue working on this magazine.

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