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3.6 Outer Tent Frame

In this lesson you will learn how to create an isometric wooden frame which will act as the structure for your market tent.

3.6 Outer Tent Frame

Hey guys and welcome back to the isometric environment for games course. In this video, we'll be looking at creating the central prop for our design, which is a large market tent. So, now that you're familiar with creating simple structures, like the box, and more advanced structures like the market cart, we can start developing what we've learned to create bigger and more complex structures. So we'll begin as we have done in all our previous prop designs, by taking the wooden construction beam as our starting point, and laying it over our isometric grid. Figuring and planning out exactly how large we want our structure to be. So just using the raw, when construction being here. Just laying it over the isometric grid. Again, just making sure that everything lines up exactly how it's supposed to. And also taking notes is how long, how many segments this construction beam is going to be. So this is how we measure our structure. So I'm just lengthening the construction beam here using the white selection tool, constantly zooming in and zooming out, counting the amount of segments you've got. So this is approximately how large I want the structure to be. So now taking another wooden construction beam from another prop, and I'm going to do exactly the same thing as before. So now I've taken note of how long the previous construction beam is, the one on the left. I'm going to try and measure the exact same length for this one. You see, I'm always counting the amount of segments, just to make sure it's exactly the same. I'm doing the same for the top, now, as well. So there we have two construction beams. I've used the rectangular tool just to double check to make sure that both beams line up. And now I can just duplicate the first one. Lay it over this one here. And I'm going for a sort of criss-cross joint for each of the corners. So, you'll notice that it crosses over. And it's just to make sure that each construction beam is on the same plane. We may just change the color for each of the beams there. But first I'm going to create some vertical beams. So that we have some legs for our structure to stand on. Again, just counting how high our legs are. Just copying and pasting legs so that they fit on every corner of our structure. So you'll notice that I'm placing the legs in the very center of the of the crisscross joint. So where, exactly where the poles join, that is the strongest, the strongest point where the leg should be. So now that we've got our base structure, it's time to start thinking about how we can include the structures on top. So, once again, just grabbing the wooden construction beam from the previous props. We'll use exactly the same techniques as before, lengthening and shortening the beams just to suit our design. Making sure that at all times we continue to use the isometric guides to guide, to double check that our beams lie in in the correct place between each other. So here I'm just shortening the construction beam inside our structure. Just using the wide selection tool and our guide, making sure that every corner and every shape is in line with our isometric guide. So now, we have another construction beam. I'm going to do exactly the same thing again, but for the other side. Remembering exactly how many segments was on the other construction beam. So counting the square or triangular segments, however you prefer to view them, in order to measure the length of each of the construction beams, and also to measure the distance between each beam, as well, and making sure that everything is correct. Otherwise, what you may find is that your structure will start to look a little bit crooked or a little bit strange. So, now that we've completed the inner square for our central market tent, I'm going to start about thinking how else we can plan to improve or increase the complexity of our wooden structure here as well. So the easiest way to do this is increasing the height of our structure. So just again, grabbing another willing construction beam. I'm just going to make another square using exactly the same techniques as before, using the white selection tool and our guidelines, shortening the wooden construction pole. And just joining everything up to make a nice squared shape. So just making sure that both construction beams are of the same length. Obviously by using our isometric guidelines, clicking and dragging the white selection tool, getting those nodes into the correct place And now doing the same thing for the other side or the top of the structure. Zooming right in there, getting the corners correct. And placing this one there. So now we're starting to get a nice towered, segmented tent here. So I'm just going to go in here now, and start fixing up the colors for our structure so that it all looks correct. So sometimes this might be a matter of arranging the construction beams to the right arrangement. Or you can do what I'm simply doing here, which is just selecting the correct color and just drawing on top of our construction beams. So now you can see that the poles, or the construction beams, look like they belong to the same level plane. As opposed to one's beam being on top of the other or underneath the other. So, I'm just going to do the same thing here, this time just drawing on top. So, it looks like, they're sort of joined or fused together somehow into this same viewpoint, this same plane. You'll see here that I'm not using the guidelines here because I've already got the corners to guide me. So just using the structures as a guide, I can easily create the shapes necessary to fix the construction beams or the views of the construction beams. And then it's the same thing again, just doing, just drawing over the beams, to make, to ensure that they are the right color, either by using the pencil or by using the white selection tool, like I'm doing here, to drag it around to make sure that it's in the right place. And now again, just drawing on top, making sure that it's the right color. So a good tip here would be to recognize the shortcut from the eye dropper tool, which is i. Every time you have a shape or you're making a shape with the pen tool, then it doesn't seem to be correct color. It doesn't mean that you have to stop drawing and start again. You can continue drawing your shape. And, once you finish the shape, you can, with the shape selected, just simply use the eye dropper tool, which is i, and then click on the correct color which you want that shape to be. And, if you have the right shape selected, that shape will automatically turn into the color which you selected with the eye dropper tool. So here I'm creating a long vertical construction pole. Again, by using the construction poles from previous prop designs, or the legs of this particular design. Just copying and pasting each segment on top of each other, selecting all, CMD or CTRL+g to group all the shapes together. And now I am going to use these polls to connect the levels of our building here. So, just placing it to the right, the right place, which will be the corner of this top construction here. Now, copying and pasting both legs and arranging it into the right place. Using the guidelines to double check. So now I've just grouped this structure together. Now this center structure is going to be placed in the middle of the tent. And now I'm just going to place it and slot it right into the center. With a tent here, making sure that all the structures are in the correct arrangement. So, I'm making the top and the front most structures. Arrange them to the front, just so that the center structure that we've just created can be easily placed in the center here. Just redrawing some of the construction poles. Now we can select our center structure, or our little tower, and place it right in the middle here. Now what I've done is I've duplicated our center structure just to add a little bit more complexity to our building. So now we have got two extra floors in our center tower there. Okay. So there we have it, the complete structure for our central prop design. So that's it for this video. In the next video, we'll be going through how to create the roofs fo our central tent. See you guys there.

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