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3.5 Cart Roof

In this lesson you will learn how to create an isometric wooden frame which will make up the roof section of your market cart.

3.5 Cart Roof

Hey guys. And welcome back to the isometric environment for games course. In this video, we'll be going through finalizing our market cart by creating a colored tent roof and some wheels. So starting off with our previous design, we're going to have a look at putting a tent over our structure here. So, let's go ahead and pick a suitable color for our tent. And we're just going to draw over. Oh, not like that. Selecting a view right there, you'll see I've put a layer called tent here. Just gonna draw over our structure, so you can see I've put the top part of our tent here. Using the pen tool, I'm just gonna click and now I'm going to drag the pen tool just to create that sort of curve there for our tent roof. Now, what I'm going to do here is to replicate that particular curve, I'm going to copy this shape here. Just gonna extend that bit here. All right, I'm gonna copy this shape and paste it right at the end of the tent here. Just gonna zoom right in, making sure that the corners match. Simply using the spacebar to drag. It's not quite what I wanted. This corner has to go all the way here. Now that these two shapes are connected, going to go ahead to path finder. Click the second button there and you'll see that it's cut the shape which was on top of the other shape so that we have two identical-looking curves on each side of our tent. So what's left now is we'll do the same for the other side of our tent roof. Again, using the pen tool to create that curve like so. And then making sure that we put it in the right corner this time, and using the same technique again, just selecting, copying and pasting, and then laying over one shape on top of the other. Zooming right in here to try and get that corner to sit correctly, that corner's very curved so it's quite hard to align. But we'll go to this one, hopefully it should align the other corner. Make sure you select both shapes, click the button again, and again you have two identical curves. So just switching on the isometric guides here. I'm going to put two segments long and drape down for our tent. And the same for the other side as well. Just copy and paste this shape here. It should be exactly the same for the other side anyway. Send it to the back. And again, using the guides, we're going to a put it in the correct place. So there we go, we've got a nice draped over tent for our market cart. So the next thing I'm going to do now, is to add some color Into our tent roof, so for this example I'm going to choose red, but you can pick and choose any color you think would be suitable for your landscape. So counting the amounts of segments I've got here we can make these striped colors three segments wide. So, I'm just going to copy this rectangular segment here and duplicate it so that it goes all the way across our draped tent here. Switch on the guides again. So we've got three sections of red. And then three sections in between each red rectangle. So you can see here, just using the guides to make sure that each rectangle is three sections wide and three sections away from each other. Again, just copying and pasting, duplicating and then just moving them across. Now, there we go. So now we've got four red rectangles. And, we're going to do exactly the same thing, going just above our tent, as well. So, choosing the correct color. Using the same techniques as we did before for our draped over tent, I'm just going to line the red over here. Select both reds and cut. Now we've got this nice draped red rectangle, you can just use again to just duplicate and align correctly Over our four red rectangles. And you'll see for this one I haven't switched on the isometric guides cuz it's not one 100% necessary, I just want to make sure that these rectangles lined up with each other. So it's just a matter of matching the corners together, zooming in and zooming out as you go along. And now I'm just going to do the top of our tent, now the top is obviously where the light is brightest. So, it makes sense that the red, the color of the red, is the brightest as well. So, we're just going from dark to bright. Getting our black selection tool, copy and paste as we have done before. Matching the corners, and also matching the sides just to make sure that it lines up with the structure, the base structure which we've created in the previous videos. And pasting in another one, and zooming in to line up those corners. Now we forgot our last rectangle here. Zoom in, line up. Make sure it's lined up correctly. And that's one side done. Now we go to the next side, which is our darkest side. Same techniques again, copy and paste. You see you've got two red shapes here. Now just going to line up that corner, which is quite difficult. Or actually, because they're three sections wide, you can just line up this corner which is easier. And make sure that it's three sections in between. So, carefully lining up here so that both. And now I've got a nice rectangle here now. Sometimes there are some fragments of the previous shape left behind so might be an idea sometimes to widen the shape that's on top. Just so that you've made sure that you've covered the whole area. Now we've got a nice shape here which we can duplicate and send on top of our tent. Three sections across and three sections between each shape. And my last one here, Making sure you find the top. And there we have it, a nice red striped tent on top of our cart structure. So the next thing that we're going to go through now is to create some wheels for our market cart. So we're just going to select the circle tool here which is on the left. We're just gonna draw a circle on top of the guidelines here. So it doesn't have to be a perfect circle. In fact, it would work better if the circle was slightly oval shaped. Just so that it fits in with our isometric viewpoint. So, just playing about with the circular shape, here, on top of our isometric guides. I'm just going to see if I can use the white selection tool, perhaps, to move. All right, so what we've done here is now we've duplicated one circle on top of the other. For moves the shape, the circle, on top slightly to the bottom-left. And now I've duplicated the same thing again. I'm just gonna make that smaller here and select this lighter brown color. And now using the duck selection tool, I'm going to put it on top of our bigger circle. Now you see that we've created a nice wheel here and we're going to turn it ever so slightly anti-clockwise and place it on top of our cart. Duplicating the wheel and placing it again, making sure that both wheels line up according to our isometric guidelines. Just moving it slightly. And there we have it. Our nice market carts, ready to be placed into our isometric game environment. So that's it for this video. Like I've said before, feel free to modify the look of your cart to suit your own landscapes and designs. In the next video we'll be looking at developing the techniques shown in the previous videos to create a bigger and more complex structure. See you guys there.

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