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Free Preview: How to Create Monster Art in Adobe Photoshop


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In this course you will be shown a variety of techniques for creating monster art in Adobe Photoshop. Digital artist Robert Marzullo will explain the proper use of photo reference to give your illustrations a dynamic and appealing look. You will learn ways to build up your painting and edit it with a non-destructive approach.

The course will cover lots of the powerful tools in Photoshop that allow you to manipulate your work to create a variety of effects. By the end of this course you will have a much greater knowledge of Photoshop’s many features for creating dynamic digital monster art.

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Hello, everyone. My name is Robert Marzullo and I'll be your instructor in this course, how to create monster art in Adobe Photoshop brought to you by tuts+. In this course, I'll be showing you a variety of techniques that I use to create monsters and concept designs with Adobe Photoshop. This program is extremely powerful. I'll be covering a lot of the tools that make the character creation process a lot easier to accomplish. We'll cover things like the layers and brushes, how to use various selections to control our effects. I'll show you how to use different brushes to block in large shapes and add form to our creature. And then, I'll finally show you how to detail the work. We'll even cover how to use photo reference properly to incorporate design elements and variety into our monster illustration. So by the end of this course you'll have a stronger fundamental knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, and some of its very powerful features to create your effects. And you'll also have a better understanding of how to use those tools and effects to create your own monster designs from your imagination. So I'm very happy to be teaching you this course. Let's go and get started. Now let's head over to Chapter 1.2, Tools and Resources.

1.2 Tools and Resources

Hello everyone welcome back. I'm Robert Marzullo, your instructor in this course, How to Create Monster Art in Adobe Photoshop, brought to you by tuts+. We'll now be covering chapter 1.2, tools and resources. Okay, to follow along with this course you're going to need a few things. One is Adobe Photoshop. I'm using Adobe Photoshop, 2015 C.C. You're welcome to use whatever version you have, but keep in mind if the version is too far dated from this one, then some of the features may not look the same or even be in the program itself. The other thing that you're going to need is some form of drawing tablet. I'll be using a way com device, but you're welcome to use whatever device you have and that you're comfortable with. The main thing that it must have is pressure sensitivity. Some of the effects that I'll be doing are gonna require that you have the ability to apply harder and lighter pressure with your brush strokes. Past that the only other thing that you'll need is the reference material that will be supplied to you with this course. I'll be using a variety of stock photos that will be supplied to you, so that you can follow along. And as long as you have a capable system to keep up, then you're good to go. So, that completes this lesson. Next we'll head over to chapter two, understanding the tools we will use to create our monster.