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1.1 Introduction

Hi everyone and welcome to Creating Flat Workspace Elements for Advertisements. My name is Yulia Sokolova and I’ll be guiding you throughout this course. I’ll take you through the full process of creating a flat-style advertisement template with workspace elements. This lesson is an overview of what you will learn during this course.

1.1 Introduction

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Creating Space Elements for Advertisements course at Tuts+. My name is Yulia Sokolova. And I will be guiding you throughout this course. I have the pleasure of working as a design, and illustration instructor here at Tuts+, and as a CG artist Disney Publishing along with some other exciting freelance projects. Being up to date is very important for designers, and artists, as a lot of new trends come to life, giving a fresh look to familiar things. In this course, we'll be making a trendy design of an advertisement template, creating a set of flex style work space items, what differ this course from traditional freestyle art is that we'll go further by adding more details, and textures to our objects, making them look dimensional and realistic. We'll go through a descriptive process, creating every single element from a list, and finish out by combining our items into a well-balanced composition. Adding trend to long shadows, and some text to form a template. We'll be using various handy tips, and tricks which will help us working with multiple Adobe Illustrator tools and effects, creating the items from basic shapes. These techniques are very flexible and comprehensive. So by the end of this course, you'll be able to make a numerous variety of different designs, serving various purposes. I hope you already feel excited, and willing to start this course. Let's move on to our next lesson, and make a list of elements that we're going to create. And right after that, we'll start making the items one by one. See you in the next lesson.

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