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7.1 Conclusion

I hope you've learned something during this course. My name is Simona and from all of us here at Tuts+, thanks for watching.

7.1 Conclusion

Hello again, and thank you for watching the course Mastering Patterns in Adobe Illustrator. It was an absolute pleasure to walk you through creating patterns, and the pattern design process from start to finish. Since we touched on creating geometric patterns, tackled a floral pattern, and created a complex pattern out of a Custom Pattern Brush and shapes. Let's have a look at how they can be used. First here, we can have a look at the geometric pattern we created, and how it can be used on a stationary design. Then, we have the floral pattern that we've created and that could be cool on a cellphone case for example. And then, we have the complex pattern, we could use this pattern as a post for picture frame, a shopping bag or even a textile pattern for a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless. Either way, patterns are really fun and you can create anything you like from simple patterns to super busy patterns, from patterns with shapes overlapping and ornamental patterns. I hope you learned something about pattern creation here with Adobe Illustrator, and hopefully those tips and tricks will help you get your patterns going. It might inspire you to create more, and at the same time I hope to see you again in the next course.

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