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Free Preview: Mastering Script Lettering


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Throughout this course you will learn the ins and outs of script lettering. From the basics to advanced techniques, we will discuss it all to truly make you a master of script lettering. Within the course you will learn many techniques such as angle, speed, weight, contrast, kerning, flourishing, vectoring, and more! Whether you're looking to learn from the ground up or trying to perfect your existing process, this course will suit everyone willing to learn.

1. Introduction

1.1 Introduction

Hey there and welcome to the Mastering Script Lettering course, my name is Scott Beersack. I am a freelance illustrator and designer with a large focus in type design and lettering. So here's a couple of designs that I've done in the past. Some packaging design for an apple cider company, skateboard designs for girl's skateboards, a chalk mural, whiskey packaging, a drop cap for the tight fight, a letter press print, and lastly some more whiskey packaging. So throughout this course we're going to cover every bit of information regarding script lettering, from proper letter form construction, to weight distribution, speeds, angles, flourishing, and even vectoring. So at the end of this course, we're gonna have two finished pieces of lettering, one very formal piece of script lettering, and one very informal piece of script lettering. Now if this is your first time drawing letter forms, don't worry if they don't turn out the way you expect them to, because this takes lots of time and practice, lots and lots of time and practice. But this course is gonna be perfect for anyone looking to get started within the lettering world, as well as those looking to perfect their already existing knowledge. So if you're ready to draw some letters, let's get started.

1.2 Supplies

All right, so before we get too much further into this tutorial, let's talk about the supplies we're gonna need. All you need is any type of pencil that you prefer. I just have this standard mechanical pencil, as well as an eraser, a roll of tracing paper or a pad of tracing paper. As long as it's tracing paper, that's all that matters. And then the last thing you're gonna need is the downloadable content that you can download and print off for this course. You're gonna have a total of six pages, altogether, that we are gonna utilize within this class. The first, is the art guide page, which we will be using for the formal script lettering, as well as, our lower case stems, our flourishes, the upper case strokes, and lastly, some formal script examples. This is the Edwardian script by Linotype and BickhamScriptPro script pro by Adobe. We'll be utilizing all those throughout the course so make sure you have all those printed out.