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5.1 Conclusion

I hope you've learned something during this course. My name's Simona and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

5.1 Conclusion

Hello again and welcome back to the last lesson our conclusion. I hope you've learned something here in Adobe Illustrator, and I hope you had fun creating those custom textures with me. At the same time I really hope you learned some new techniques and added some extra skill to your arsenal. Now we've created several organic textures and materials. As you remember we created a grass texture, and created a sand texture. Snake skin texture and a brush metal texture. Then we took it a little bit further and created the wood texture, a leather texture. And we even dove into creating textile textures. From a tin's texture, to a wall texture. And last but not the least, we created the carpet texture. Of course this is not all. And the textures are really endless. All you have to do is walk around, take your phone, snap some pictures, and get inspired by nature. Textures are everywhere. Even if it looks flat, if you explore it a little bit further, and if you look closer, you can discover new textures you might have not seen before. I am a big fan of textures. And just remember we have surface designers out there that create textures and patterns all day long for us. And we use them everywhere, from our cushion pillows, to our iPhone cases or laptop covers. Canvas shoes. And of course materials that make our awesome fashion clothes. So now we're at the end of this, and I really hope you enjoyed this course. And I really hope to see you next time.

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