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1.2 Thinking Creatively

“I’m bad at drawing; so I’m not very creative.” In this lesson I’ll discuss creativity and challenge some preconceived ideas of what it means to be creative. I’ll explain how it’s something we can all access and develop within ourselves, and I’ll suggest some books to support your own learning alongside the course.

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1.2 Thinking Creatively

Hi everyone, welcome back to the course. In this lesson, I'm going to talk to you about the idea of creativity. Now I wonder what you think of when you hear the word, creativity. Maybe you think of an amazing piece of artwork, like a painting or a sculpture, or maybe you think of a beautiful piece of music. Or perhaps you think of a creative type, and a non creative type, like they were people who fall somewhere on this creativity scale. Well I actually want to suggest the idea that there isn't really a scale, that we all have a potential to be creative. But there are just some steps and practices we can put into place to help bring out our creativity. And it's a certainly a given that sometimes a wave of inspiration can hit you and you get an amazing idea. But other times when you're under pressure from a deadline and you need to come up with a great idea. That wave of inspiration just won't come and you need to come up with the idea none the less, which is why I think this course can be useful. I'm gonna be talking through some practical steps to help generate ideas and to help bring out your creativity. So along side this course I've got a few books to recommend as well. This first one is called Creative Confidence, and this book is exactly what I've just been speaking about. It's about unleashing the creative potential within us all. So I definitely suggest you check that one out. This one 12 Rules of Creativity, I found this book very useful in places. It's got lots of ideas in there about very practical tips that is one which comes to mind in particular about how when you are struggling for ideas maybe seek a change of scenery. Even try sitting on a floor and try sketching on the floor which I have actually done a few times. And I found lots of practical tips like that from this book very useful. So check that one out, and this large big book here in two hands is called A Smile In The Mind. This one isn't explicitly about creativity as such. It's just about using wit within design, which I would argue is a very creative thing to do. And it's a really useful thing to look at and to just bring inspiration. Lots of useful images and references in there. So join me in the next lesson as I'm going to be introducing the rest of the ideas of what we're going to be doing in this course. and how we're going to be using another project called Two Voices and how that is interacting with the course. So see you in the next lesson.

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