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2.2 Forming Ideas

This lesson explores a practical method for helping to form ideas. At this stage we’ll be looking at broad themes and ideas, with the next few lessons narrowing and honing our concepts and sketches.

Please feel free to get involved and create your own artwork from the stories:

  • She swiped right, he left.
  • For sale. Tightrope shoes. Worn once.
  • Red light. Blue lights. Lights out.
  • Boyfriend’s tie on best friend’s door.
  • His purple heart broke hers.
  • Two heartbeats. One smile. One frown.
  • I forever held my peace.
  • Honeymoon suite, for one.
  • He started screaming when she stopped.
  • Bought the ring (kept the receipt).

2.2 Forming Ideas

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