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1.1 Introduction and Tools

Welcome to The Art of Pointillism Portraits. I’m Megan Eckman and I’ll be teaching you how to use a felt-tip pen to create a gorgeous, full value scale portrait. After you work your way through this course, you’ll have a new illustrative technique in your arsenal and will be able to use pointillism to illustrate any subject matter. In this introduction I’ll discuss what we’ll be learning in each lesson and show off the final portrait we’ll be inking together.

1.1 Introduction and Tools

I'm Megan Eckman with Tuts+. And in this tutorial, we're gonna be learning how to create a pointillism portrait. Pointillism is the technique of using tiny dots to create a drawing. And while that might seem like a very difficult or almost impossible task, it's actually quite simple. I'll be showing you all the tips and tricks that I use and these will not only save you time. But help you really develop a new skill for your art portfolio. We'll start by making a gradation scale. This will help you get much more comfortable using the pen. And it will also show you how to make all the values from zero to nine, white to black. We'll then be sketching out our drawing on a piece of bristol paper. Which is my favorite type of paper to use with pen and ink projects. And in the end, you'll have a lovely portrait that shows off all of your new skills. In terms of supplies, you'll need a piece of bristol paper for your drawing. I'm providing you with a PDF of the gradation scale, but you'll need to print it off on card stock. I'm also giving you a black and white photo to use for reference. And you can print this on whatever paper you like. You'll then need a pencil, a white eraser and a pen. For this project, I'm using a felt tip micron that has a 05 point. It's one of my favorites and I highly recommend using it as well. So once you have all of your supplies gathered, let's get right on it and start in on our gradation scale.

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