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Free Preview: Restaurant Menu Design in Adobe InDesign



Designing a restaurant menu is a great way to learn how to set up a layout, create hierarchy, and master the most essential tools in Adobe InDesign. Menus are straightforward, but they allow you to bring in your creativity and add your own design style.

In a rush? Learn how to quickly customise a menu design template from Envato Elements.

Ready to design your own menu? Get inspired and learn how to create a menu from scratch.

In this course you’ll learn how to create two restaurant menus, a basic menu card and a trifold brochure. You'll also learn how to:

  • successfully set up an InDesign file as a template
  • tell a story through a visual narrative
  • set up a one-page document
  • set up a trifold brochure
  • add paragraph styles, colour swatches, and tables

Don't miss Laura's menu design ideas—she shares her top tips and tricks for creating effective menu designs, all the way through to printing!

New to Adobe InDesign? Learn how to use InDesign in our Adobe InDesign for Beginners course.

Need a menu template for a project or some layout inspiration? Check out the print templates available as part of an unlimited Envato Elements subscription.