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1.2 Tips for Creating 3D Text in Illustrator

In this lesson, we'll look at how 3D typography came into being and discuss when and where you should use it. I'll discuss some of my favourite examples of 3D text, as well as showing a few of my own projects.

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1.2 Tips for Creating 3D Text in Illustrator

Hi everyone, welcome back to the course. While appearing a number of times throughout the middle ages in decorative liturgical manuscripts. 3D letters, weren't popularized until the start of the 19th Century. When businesses began to compete with each other, for who could most prominently display their wares on posters and bills. It was created as a way to get the most attention possible. It's often still used for the same reason today. These vintage American fruit labels are some of my favorite examples of 3D typography. The bright colors are very effective. When I'm not creating tutorials for Envato Tuts Plus, I work for The Economist magazine. We used a 3D typography a number of times on recent covers, as you can see from these covers, as well as being eye catching. Different styles of 3D text can help to give different context and moods to design. Join me in the next lesson, where we'll be looking at how to choose appropriate typefaces to create inter 3D text.

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