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2.3 3D Text Style 3

In this lesson, I will show how to draw 3D letters by using the Shear Tool to create simple and atmospheric 3D typography.

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2.3 3D Text Style 3

Hi everyone, welcome back to the course. Here is what we'll be learning to create in this lesson, some dynamic sloped lettering that sort of looks like it's being raised and pivoting up out of the ground. To achieve this look, I'll be introducing you to the Shear Tool, so let's get going. Like the previous lesson, choose a typeface that's as angular as possible and with as few curves as possible, I've chosen this one. Apart from a curve on the D, it's got very nice, clear points to play with, as you can see here in the V. Again, like the previous lesson, I'm going to demonstrate the method by just showing you how to do it with one letter. So then you can go ahead and apply that to an entire word. So I'm going to copy the V here, bring it into my document. So I'm just going to center it and make it slightly bigger. And while I'm at it, I'll just create a background, And I'll make that green. And lock that. So I have my V selected again, I'm going to just go and change the color of that. And now on to this Shear Tool, this is a great tool which helps you to sort of warp paths, which can be really useful when you're trying to suggest perspective. So you'll find the tool down here in your toolbar. It may be hidden underneath Scale Tool, so click and hold and you should find it in there. So have that selected, hold down Shift and just click and drag from a point on your path. So as I'm holding down Shift and moving the mouse back and forward to the left and right, you'll be able to see that the shape is being sheared and being morphed as I'm moving the mouse. And as I'm holding down Shift, it's just keeping it at a horizontal level. So if I let go, then it will snap to that point. So that looks pretty good to start with. Then what I'm going to do is copy and paste in place, Shift+Cmd+Option+V. I'm going to make this black, send it behind the current shape and the layers, and then I'm just using the usual arrow tool. I'm going to just transform the points and squash it to make a slightly more squashed version of the same letter. And now what I'm going to do is simply join each point to the corresponding point using the Pen Tool with a black fill again. Just paint in the parts of the letters that you can't see. It could be useful now to change the top color to an outline so you can see better what's underneath. And you'll be able to see the points better, so you can join them up and aim for them slightly easier. There we go, I'll change that back to a fill, move it to the top, bring it to the front. And there you have it, so it's looking good already. I'm going to group all of that together. And then just to help suggest an extra dimension and extra perspective, you can then use the Shear Tool again. This time, without holding Shift, so you are able to do it much more freer, you can just move your mouse around. As you can see, it's morphing the shape again. So I'm going to drag it up slightly like this, and you can see that it's kind of making it look like it's going off into the distance slightly. So there you have it, just in a few simple steps we've got a really interesting, dynamic 3D style of lettering. So just continue playing with that, I'm going to finish by centering it here in the middle of my artboard, there we go. So thank you for watching, and I'll see you all in the next lesson.

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