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1.3 Preparing Our 3D Letters

In this lesson, I'll discuss what makes a good typeface or lettering style to make into 3D text. I will then prepare some 3D letters ready to use in the next chapter.

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1.3 Preparing Our 3D Letters

Hey, everyone, welcome back to the course. In this lesson I'm going to be organizing some typefaces ready to use in our upcoming videos to turn into 3D text. As you can see, I've got a good selection of bold typefaces here. A number of them are quite slab like and angular. As you can see in the word sassy here, it's all straight lines and sharp corners. No round edges, much like brash, vivid, and brazen here. These will be particularly helpful for some of our upcoming lessons. I think on the whole, when choosing styles of type for 3D lettering, go for something bold and strong. 3D text is designed to grab people's attention, so choose a bold font that does that too. You can check out Envato Elements for a great selection of fonts, I'm using some of them here. This one in the top left is called Travel Sense. This one is called RNS Obesa, and this one is called Goal. They're all available at Envato Elements. One final thing I'll do to prepare these is to make them all paths ready for our upcoming lessons. So this word here is currently editable text. So to make it outlines, or to make it paths, I have it selected. I go to Object and expand, and OK. And so now it's a group path. Join me again next time, where we will begin creating these words into 3D text.

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