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1.3 What You'll Need to Create Proposal Documents

Because proposals are made up of multiple pages, and they combine text and graphics, a publishing program like Adobe InDesign is ideally suited for creating them. To adapt the template and create your own proposal from scratch you'll need to have access to Adobe InDesign. If you don't already have the software installed, you can download the desktop app from the Adobe website at the link listed here. If you're unsure about whether to commit to buying an InDesign subscription, you also have the option to download a 7 day free trial of the software, which would allow you enough time to complete this course if that's what you prefer to do. We won't be tipping into other software during this course, but if you'd like to edit photos, or create graphics like logos and icons for your proposals in the future. You would also find it handy to have access to photo editing program like Photoshop and also effector software like Illustrator or Inkscape. But as I said, during this course we are just gonna be working in InDesign. And I'm actually gonna show you some ways you can apply interesting effects to your images directly in InDesign like color overlay and gradients, a well has how to create your own stylish shapes and graphics in the program. You can find a list of resources attached to this lesson which takes you to the relevant links on infer to elements. You'll need to download a proposal template from elements which you'll adapt using your own choice of fonts and images. So take a look at the resource list when you get the chance and you can do your prep for the next lesson by downloading the items listed on there. In the next lesson, we'll get started by looking at how you can find a proposal template that's really going to suit your requirements. And share some tips for how to spot templates which are really going to be the right fit for you. So see you over there in just a moment.

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