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4.1 Conclusion

Hi there, you've reached the end of this Envato Tuts+ course, How to Design a Project Proposal in InDesign. We started out by looking at how you can use downloadable templates with great foundations for creating elegant proposal designs. And how by switching up elements like color and type styles, you can give your layouts a completely fresh look that feels a bit more unique. Well this is a great way to save time, and you can still end up with fantastic final results. It's really important that you also build confidence in being able to create your own printout work in InDesign from the ground up. And once you know how to setup masters and things like establishing grids for pages and creating your own type styles. You can really build up towards creating a completely unique design that's a true reflection of how you want your proposal to look. In this final video, I just want to run through a quick recap of some the awesome print design skills that you've picked up over the course. And remind you how much you've learned and also how you can take further steps to developing your design skills. So we've covered a huge range of print design and layout design skills over the course of the lessons, and these are just a few of them. So you can now adapt existing InDesign templates, editing color and type to create a more unique design very quickly. You also now know how to create print documents from scratch and InDesign, setting your page sections, master pages, and establishing a general grid layout for your pages. You also know how to use color and fonts to create an eye-catching cover for your proposal, as well as how to establish a brand look for the inside pages of your document. We also looked at how to create our own unique graphics in InDesign using the shape tools and gradient swatches, which add a really interesting and stylish angle to layouts. You also now know how to format typography to an advanced level and use type styles to repeat this formatting easily across long documents. You should also now have more confidence with working with images in InDesign. And how to give them a more unique flavor by creating color overlay effects and setting them inside unusual frame shapes. And a really essential skill for any print designer, you now know how to prepare your InDesign artwork for printing by performing a preflight. And exporting your work correctly as a press-ready PDF. So that's a huge amount of stuff and I think you should be really, really proud of what you've achieved. Even though we focused specifically on creating proposals in this course, these skills actually translate to a wide range of tasks. Such as creating magazines, books, brochures, and zines. So I hope this has giving you a taster of what you can achieve in Adobe InDesign. And also giving you the confidence to try out creating different source of multi paged documents for print. My name is Grace Fussell, I've been your instructor for this course, and it's been really great to have you on board. Make sure to check out the other course offerings from Envato tuts+. And don't forget, you can also find a huge range of graphics, fonts, and print templates over on Envato Elements for use in your designs. A big thank you for joining me, and I hope to see you again soon.

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