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2.3 How to Adapt Your Template (The Easy Way)

Once you know your way around your template, you can start to think about how you might want to adapt it to make it more relevant to your purposes. In this lesson, I'm gonna walk you through the process of adapting your templates content. The first thing you're going to want to change is probably the text content of your proposal. This is super easy and quick to change. Let's scroll down to page four, which is the about us page. So to change any text on your document, you're going to need to get familiar with the type tool, which you can find in the tools panel over here in the left side of the workspace, or simply hit T on your keyboard. So this tool you can set your cursor into existing text frames. You can highlight text and also you can create new text frames. So you might be happy to manually type your text content into your in design document. But it's likely that for a least longer pieces of text, you might have some copies saved in a separate word document, or in an email. And it's really simple to work with copy and outside documents. Simply open up the copy document. Select and copy the text. Back in InDesign, use the type tool to highlight the text that you want to replace and go to Edit > Paste. And the text formatting in the proposal will be preserved. If you want to practice pasting a text from another document, you can find this About Us copy as a Word and PDF document attached to this lesson. So let's work our way over this page replacing the title, the subtitle, the name at the bottom and also the quote text as well, awesome. Okay, so the other basic thing that you want to be able to edit is the image content in your document. Most templates won't provide you with the images used in the previews. But often, as it's the case here, you can see is a fuzzy preview of the original image with a small red question mark at the top of the image frame, showing you that the link is the image is broken. Attached to this lesson, you'll also find a folder of sample images called sample images for about us page, which you can download if you want to follow along the steps here as I do them. So pause the video and get that folder downloaded if you like. Okay, so with all images ready to use, we can start to replace the images on our document. There are two ways you can replace images. One is to use the default selection tool to select the image frame and then head up to File > Place. Navigate to the folder of images. Choose the image that you want. Here, I'm going for group shots and then click Open. And from here you can select the image inside the frame by clicking on the circle symbol in the center and holding down Shift while you scale it up and down. The other option is to click on the red question mark symbol by the image frame and this instantly opens up a find window. From here, you can find the new image that you want and replace it by clicking Open. It really is that easy to change the text and image content in your template. Super, super simple and it doesn't need to take a lot of time. Swapping in your images can actually have a really big impact on the look of your template, but generally the style of your template's still going to look pretty similar. So in the next lesson we'll look at how you can refine textiles in your template which can really transform the overall look of your proposal. So keep your template open in InDesign and I'll see you over in the next lesson in just a moment.

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