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1.1 Introduction

Hi and welcome to Creating Compelling Environments for Concept Art. In this course you’ll learn the techniques of how to develop environments for games or film. This course builds upon our other course, "Thumbnail Sketching for Environments”, in which you expressed your environment ideas through thumbnail sketching.

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1.1 Introduction

Hey guys, what's going on? And welcome to Creating Compelling Environments. My name is Kaelin Chalk, and I'm a concept artist working in the entertainment industry. Some of my client list include Industria Light and Magic, Ember Labs, and Coda Games, and I will be your instructor today. In the last course, Thumbnail Sketching for Environments, we learned how to do multiple rough environment sketches, and in this course we're gonna build upon that, and take it to the next level. In this course we'll talk about line art, composition, ways to approach color, layer separation, gathering reference, adding textures, blending textures, using certain kinds of photography and certain kinds of brushes, and we'll talk about lighting. And obviously discussing overall how to take a relatively rough painting and bring it to a color rendered finish that we can use as a key piece of art. So again very excited to be here. Hope you guys are too. So without further ado let's get right into it. OK, guys, see you then.

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