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5.1 Conclusion

Now it’s time to add a few finishing touches to our project, placing our creatures on the alien background, and to sum up what we’ve learned so far during this course. I hope you enjoyed following this course and learned some new tips and tricks that will help you to make your workflow more efficient and productive! I would love to see your results and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Have fun, be creative, and let the inspiration guide you.

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5.1 Conclusion

Hello folks, and welcome to this final video of our Cartoon Creature Design Course with Yulia Sokolova at tuts+. Now it's time to add a few finishing touches to our project and to sum up what we've learned so far during this course. We've successfully created a large set of fancy monsters, making each of them unique and diverse. To make the illustration look completed, we can put some of them in their usual environment, depicting an alien background. This will form a nice finished composition that can be used as an illustration for a children's book, a mobile application or some video game label and so on. You can try placing your creatures on the same background. I've provided you with this alien landscape, which you can find in the source files to this course. Feel free to use it, trying out various options and positioning your characters at different spots. All in all, I hope you enjoyed following this course and rendering funny characters. Starting from minor elements and gradually moving to more complicated body parts using various shapes and tools and functions of Adobe Illustrator. And then if you're feeling yourself more like a creator or mixing and combining the parts of our creatures as the parts of some fancy constructor. Pushing your creativity forward and challenging your imagination to make new types of creatures, each of them different from the other. I hope you have fun using this simple techniques in your future character design projects, creating new monsters, or animals, or humans, or whatever you'll be up to. If next time you wish to challenge yourself creating various objects instead of monsters using gradients and various effects to add a realistic touch to the flat elements, try this Creating Flat Workspace Elements for Advertisements course to discover some new useful techniques. And if you feel inspired by working with the provided landscape background and you feel like you want to create one of your own, then check out this Fundamentals of Background Art for Video Games course to find out more about tileable environment design. Envato Tuts+ provides us with a lot of useful video courses and free tutorial articles so that you can bring your skills to the new era in no time. As your instructor, I can offer you some interesting and challenging tutorials as well in the design and illustrations section. Check them out and feel free to email me if you have any questions concerning the process. I was very excited while creating this course, and I hope I have managed to inspire you to continue enlivening your ideas in a new, convenient way. Have fun, be creative, and let the inspiration guide you. Best wishes from Yulia Sokolova, and stay tuned for more.

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