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2.5 The Third Monster’s Face

In this lesson we’ll be creating the face of our third monster, making it look alien and unusual.

2.5 The Third Monster’s Face

Hi everyone and welcome back to Cartoon Creature Design Course with Yulia Sokolova at tuts+. In this lesson we will be creating the face our third monster, making it look alien and unusual. Let's do this. Let's make a new layer for the face. Double-click the face of our first character to isolate it and copy one of the eyes. Paste the eye onto the artboard and now a new layer. Delete the unneeded detail and double-click the eye for the isolation mode. Group the elements of the iris. Make it bigger and align it to the eyeball by clicking the eyeball and holding Alt to make it a key object. Change the colors of the iris in order to make all three creatures different. Let's make the iris purple and change the colors of the highlights accordingly. Take the Ellipse tool and let's make a nostril. Make a small, squashed ellipse filled with purple radial gradient. Select its upper anchor point with the Direct Selection tool, and use the Convert button in the control panel on top to make a sharp corner. Reverse the colors of the gradient to make the center dark forming a cavity. Make the gradient elliptical. And darken the colors even more. Rotate the nostril. And make it more pinkish. Place an ellipse around the nostril and use the Eyedropper tool to pick the appearance from one of the highlights on the eye. Edit the direction of the gradient. Group the shapes and use the Reflect tool to make a mirrored copy of the nostril. Now let's render the mouth. Make a large ellipse, placing it horizontally. Take the Scissors tool and click the side anchor points to split the shape into two halves. Delete the upper part. Select the lower one. Click right mouse button and click Join to make the path closed. Select the upper anchor points and drag them up to make the mouth larger. Use the Curvature tool to bend the other side of the mouth, making it arched. Place the gradient vertically, making the upper part of the mouth much darker. And change the colors to the shades of red. Copy the teeth of our first monster and place them onto the artboard. Place the tooth on the top of the mouth and delete the other teeth. Hold Alt+Shift and drag to copy the tooth. Press Ctrl+D a few times to make more copies. Now, Copy the mouth and Paste it in Front. Bring the copy to front, placing it above all other elements. Select all parts of the mouth, click right mouse button and Make Clipping Mask. Double-click the mouse to isolate the clipping mask, and let's make the teeth a bit larger. Making an ellipse, overlapping the bottom part of the mouth, forming the tongue. Fill it with pink radial gradient. And make the gradient squashed. Take the Pencil tool and make a half-elliptical shape beneath the mouth. Switch to Multiply Mode and make one part of the gradient white, to make it transparent Make the other part light blue. Let's add another blue shadow around the eye. Make a circle and Send to Back. Pick the color from the shadow under the mouth and place the gradient vertically. Group all the parts. And the face is ready. Wonderful, we've just created our third face, making a funny one-eyed alien. In our next lesson, we're gonna make a slick alien body, using various tools for the illustrator, to make a new fancy body parts. Meet you in the next lesson.

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