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3.1 New Faces

This time we’ll be making new facial expressions and combining the existing elements to make more faces.

3.1 New Faces

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Cartoon Creature Design Course with at Tuts+. This time we'll be making new facial expressions and combining the existing elements to make more new faces. Let's start. To start with, let's take two faces that we've created previously and see how we can combine the elements. Let's take the smiling mouth from the single eyed face. And the eyes from our second face, deleting all other elements. Let's make the new mouth, which will fit the new face better. Take the Ellipse Tool and make a shape. Take the Eraser Tool, hold down Alt, and delete the upper half of the ellipse. Make it a bit smaller. Use the Eyedropper Tool to pick the color from the existing mouth. Let's right mouse click the previous mouth and Release Clipping Mask. Now take the Ellipse tool again, and let's form a tooth for our new mouth. Use the Direct Selection Tool to drag the side anchor points up, making the fang. And pick the colors from the existing teeth. Go to Effect > Warp > Arc and set the vertical bend value to 20%, Object > Expand Appearance to apply the effect. Use the Reflect Tool to flip the copy of the tooth to the other side. Copy the mouth shape and paste it in front. Rearrange the elements, bringing the new copy to front. Select the part of the mouth, and Make Clipping Mask. Take the tongue from the previous mouth, place it inside the clipping mask of the new mouth. Add the last element and delete the other mouth, as we won't need it anymore. Let's place the mouth under the eyes. And double-click the eyes group to isolate it. Select the left eye and press the Enter key to open the Options window. Set the horizontal move value to minus ten pixels to move the eye to the left, and repeat the same for the second eye, moving it ten pixels to the right. Select both the iris and the eyeball, click the eyeball, and hold Alt to make it a key object. Align the iris to the eyeball, and align the second eye as well. Let's make the look more cheerful and cunning. Take the Ellipse Tool and make a narrow horizontal shape overlapping the bottom part of the eye. Copy the eye, and paste it in front. As you can see we've copied the eyeball to get the width of the iris. So let's just unite all the parts of the eye in the Pathfinder as we don't need the second iris. Now select the circle and the lips and use minus from function in the Pathfinder to cut out the bottom shape. Select all parts of the eye and Make Clipping Mask. Great, make your copy for the second eye. Let's add a cute pink blush for the cheeks using the Ellipse Tool. Hold Alt + Shift and drag to make a second spot on the opposite side of the face. Let's add some shadows around the eyes to make them more dimensional. Select the clipping mask shape. You can find it in the Layers panel. It has no fill and no stroke. Copy the shape, and paste it in back. Fill the color from the shadow under the mouth. Take the shape out of the clipping mask in the Layers panel and drag it beneath the eye. Change the direction of the gradient, placing it vertically. Add a second shadow, and let's make the brows. Make a small ellipse, pick the color from the inner part of the mouth. Select the side anchor points, and make the corners sharp with the help of the Convert function in the console panel on top. Go to Effect > Warp > Arc, and set the horizontal bend filler to 50%, making the shape bend. Resize the shape and rotate it. Use the Reflect Tool to make the second brow. Now we have a set of faces and we can move the elements, combining them to each other, this will make a new facial expressions. Let's ungroup the faces. And now let's take the nose from the very first face that we've made for our green creature, and the eyes from the new face. Select the eyeball and Release Clipping Mask. Delete the blank shape of the mask, which we don't need. Use the Ellipse Tool, and form a flat shape on top of the eye to make a half closed eyelid. Rotate the shape a bit, and pick the dark purple color from the nose. Add a copy for the second eye. Copy the eyeballs. And drag the copies on top. Select both the circles, and the ellipses, and make clipping mask to hide the unwanted parts of the eyelid inside the circle. Let's look at the circle clipping max shape of the eye. Create a copy and paste it in back. Drag the copy beneath the eye. And make it a bit larger. Use the Eye Dropper Tool to pick the color of the shadow above the nose. Take the hairy brows from another face, And change their position to make the new face grumpy. Now take the mouth from the single-eyed alien. Make it a bit smaller and double-click to isolate the object. Select the clipping shape, and turn it upside down to make an angry looking mouth. Turn the inner part of the mouth upside down as well, and add in the direction of the gradient. Take the cheerful eye from the smiling face and place it in the middle. Make it larger, and place a copy of the vampire mouth right under the eye. Double-click to isolate the eye and increase the size of the iris. Add a cute blush to the new single eyed face. Now take the nose from the dog-like face. And a smiling mouth from the single-eyed face. And copy the eyes with the spots from the very first face. Select the right eye and double-click the Rotate Tool to open the Options menu. Rotate the eye to 50 degrees. Use the Reflect Tool to make a flipped copy, and move it to the opposite side, deleting the unneeded object below. Don't forget to reflect the iris, placing the highlights on the same side. Now let's take the smiling dog's eyes. And the funny mouth with a lot of teeth from the very first face. Add those reptile nostrils from the alien face. Move the elements around a bit, making them fit each other. Add the elliptical eyebrows on top. And done. We have the new faces ready. Now we can move on and continue combining the elements, creating as much new faces as you like. The combinations are numerous and all of them will look funny and new. Great job folks, we've created a lot of fancy faces combining the elements. Now we can move on and create the new bodies and types of creatures, attaching various body parts to each other and using the new faces. Stay tuned!

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