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2.3 The Second Monster’s Face

In this lesson we’ll be using simple shapes and Clipping Masks to create the eyes, brows, nose and mouth of our second monster.

2.3 The Second Monster’s Face

Hello everyone and welcome back to cartoon creature design course with Yalisa Galore at tuts plus. In this lesson, we'll be using simple shapes and clipping masks to create the eyes, brows, nose, and mouth of our second monster. Let's do this. Let's duplicate the first face that you've created, undo it everything except the eyes. And let's make a smiling expression. Use the ellipse tool to make a squashed ellipse overlapping the bottom part of the eye. And group the eyes. And duplicate the eyeball. Select both the eyeball copy and the ellipse, and use minus front function of the pathfinder to cut the shapes. Now select all the parts of the eye, click right mouse button and make clipping mask. This way we're replacing all the parts of the eye inside the shape which is on the top. We can easily add the elements inside the mask by right mouse click and isolate selected clipping mask. Or by double clicking the masked object. Let's make the iris larger. And change the colors to a nice gradient. Double click to return to normal mode. And use the reflect tool to flip the eye over the vertical axis making a reflected copy. Let's take the ellipse tool and start making the nose. Switch the colors of the gradient to dark pink, Drag the upper anchor point. And change the position of the gradient to make the shape dimensional. Let's add two small circles in the bottom of the nose to form the nostrils. Group the circles and align them to the nose, using the nose as the key object. Select all three shapes and use the shape builder tool, holding Alt to cut out the circles. Copy the nose and paste it in back. Make the copy smaller and much darker. Combine the shapes, making them fit each other in the nostrils area. Make a gentle highlight on top of the nose. And use the eye dropper tool to choose the color from one of the previous highlights. Let's place another ellipse beneath the nose to increase the shadow effect. Fill the shape with linear gradient from dark pink to white. Switch to multiply mode to make the shape semi-transparent. And send it to back beneath the nose. Let's take the rounded rectangle tool and start forming the eyebrow. Fill it with linear gradient of the same colors as you have for the nose. And let's go to Effect > Warp > Arc, setting the band warp to 20%. Object > Expand Appearance of the shape, to apply the effect. Now let's use the Polygon tool to make a triangle. Make a shape small. Turn it upside down and place above the eyebrow. Hold Alt and drag to copy the shape several times. Select all the triangles, right mouse click, and make compound path. Combining the elements into a single object. Select them together with the eyebrow. And use minus front to cut out the triangles to make the brow hairy. Use the reflect tool to make a second brow. And align the elements to each other. Now let's take the blob brush tool and draw a funny curved mouth, like the dog's mouth. And let's make it symmetrical, use the eraser tool, hold down Alt, and drag the mouse over the right part of the mouth. Now we can make a reflected copy of the remaining part. And unite both shapes in the path finder. Take the ellipse tool and make a tooth. Use the eyedropper tool to pick the color from the teeth of our previous creature, and edit the direction of the gradient. Play with the shape of the tooth. And flip our reflected copy to the other side. Select both the teeth and the mouth and use the Shape Builder tool to delete the unneeded pieces on top. Send the mouth shape to front. Use the pencil tool to draw an arch shape, leaving the path open. Pick the color from the shadow under the nose. Add some circle spots to the cheeks. And a few final details here. Let's copy the nose base and paste it in back. Drag the shape up. And pick the appearance from one of the highlights forming a light nose bridge. Group the elements of the face and done. Great job guys! We've just created the face of our second monster, and we're ready to move on. In our next lesson, we'll be using drawing tools and the warp effect to create the body parts of our second monster. Keep watching.

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