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1.1 Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Cartoon Creature Design course at Envato Tuts+. My name is Yulia Sokolova and I’ll be your instructor, guiding you throughout this course. We will be making fancy cartoon creatures and then combining the created elements to make new original characters. This video is an overview of what you will learn during this course.

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1.1 Introduction

Hi everyone and welcome to cartoon creature design course at tuts+. My name is Uesa Calova. I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer working with digital art and vector graphics for ten years. I'll be your instructor guiding you throughout this course. This time we'll be creating fancy creations that can be used as company mascots or characters for video games, mobile applications, children's books, and many, many more. Funny fantasy monsters is one of the first things you want to make when you start training yourself in cartoon creature design. In this course, we'll start making our creatures from minor parts and details and gradually move on to more complicated shapes and forms. We'll learn to render various facial expressions and different types of bodies. The overall process is rather comprehensive. Whether you're just beginning to learn Adobe Illustrator or you are already an intermediate user seeking inspiration. Any way you're welcome to join this course and discover something new and useful here. Apart from using various tips and tricks in working with tools and shapes, we'll see how we can combine different elements, attaching them to each other and creating numerous varieties of new creatures making all of them look diverse. And right after that we'll see how we can recolor our characters using various Adobe illustrator functions and making this process fast and easy. At the end you'll be able, not only to create one character, but also boost up your creativity and imagination in order to get as much unique combinations as possible. I hope you're already willing to start this course and to create your first character. Let's move on to our next video and start making the face of our first creature using basic shapes, gradients, and blending modes to make it look vivid and dimensional. See you in the next lesson.

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