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3.2 New Monsters

In this lesson we’ll be combining the created body parts like the elements of a constructor. We’ll be attaching the minor parts and facial details to different bodies, making new combinations and new kinds of creatures.

3.2 New Monsters

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Cartoon Creature Design Course with at tuts+. In this lesson we'll be combining the created body parts like the elements of a constructor. We'll be attaching the minor parts and the facial details to different bodies, making new combinations and new kinds of creatures. Let's do this. Let's take a look at the creatures that we already have. Here we have our three funny guys, and we need to separate the element from each other, moving away the faces, detaching the arms, legs, and all the tiny parts and pieces that we've made for every creature. Let's make a new layer and move everything there, so that we have all the elements at one place, which makes it easier to rearrange the parts, moving one element on top of the other. Let's select the legs of our blue monster and attach them to the green body. Arrange > Send them to Back, beneath the body. Attach the purple arms to the green body. Then we'll click the arms group to enter the isolation mode and move the arms away from each other to fit the size of the body. Let's also place the purple ears on top of the green hat. Select the left ear, double click the rotate tool, and set the angle value you -50 degrees. Rotate the right ear as well, but this time set the value to 50 degrees. Make the ears a bit larger, placing them on top of the head. Now let's move the blue body and build our new creature. Copy the purple legs and attach them to this body. Attach the green arms. Right mouse click > Arrange > Bring to Front, placing the arms above the body. Rotate the right arm, placing it on top of the tummy. Let's delete the other arm and use the reflect tool to flip the rotated arm over the vertical axis, covering the tummy. Add a belly button. And let's also add the belly button to our green guy. And align it to the body using the body as a key object. Let's move on to the next character And attach the blue arms to him. Make the right arm smaller and rotate it, placing it vertically. Use the reflect tool to make a copy for the opposite side. Add the belly button from another character, and let's attach the blue alien ears ears to this guy. Use the rotate tool to rotate the ear by 20 degrees. And rotate the opposite ear to -20 degrees. Align the ears if needed using one of them as a key object. And make the ears a bit smaller. Now let's use the remaining parts and attach them to our characters. Place the bat wings at both sides of the blue body. Make them a bit bigger and move away from each other. Rotate the right wing to 10 degrees. And the left wing to -10 degrees. Move the wings around placing them in their proper position. Next attach the horns and align them to the body. Now let's use the new faces that we've created earlier. Take the grumpy face and place it on the blue body. Double click to isolate the face and move the eyes closer to each other. Move the face around making it fit the body. Now take one of the single-eyed faces and attach it to the green body. Place the laughing face on our last character. And that's it. Feel free to make some more creature variations using the same techniques and combining the elements. Awesome job guys, we've just created new types of creatures using the existing parts and combining the elements and faces. In our next lesson, we will see how we can apply the new calls and the recall of the monsters in a few clicks. Stay tuned.

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