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500 Video Courses on Tuts+


This week marks a huge milestone for Tuts+ learning as we celebrate the release of our 500th video course!

From our humble beginnings way back in 2007 we’ve grown to incorporate 10 different creative and technical topics including Code, Web Design, Design & Illustration and Photography. We now house an extensive library of more than 19,000 free tutorials to help you build real life skills, and more than 190 downloadable eBooks.

For those who love the hands on approach to learning, our most popular channel remains our short video courses. We’ve had 111 instructors, to date, from around the world contributing to the collection and taking you through their favourite programs and techniques, step by step.

Together they’ve produced 9213 individual lessons, 77,315 minutes or 53 days of content!

To honor the publication of our 500th video, Creative Vector Hair by Sharon Milne, we’ve made the 18 lessons in this course free for one week only. Which makes this the perfect opportunity for you to develop a new skill, or to experience our video course learning for the first time. For free!

Plus, as a special bonus, we’re also giving away three free files from some of our wonderful Envato Market authors to help you with your future design projects. Get in quick, because this offer is limited and will finish Sunday 29 March.

Note: the offer has now expired, but you can still find thousands of Illustrator brushes, textures, styles and more on Envato Market, starting at just $2.

About the Course

Creative Vector Hair

In this course you will learn how to create five different hairstyles from scratch, and then go on to create a series of variations. In total, there are 19 end results to this course. The aim is to arm you with the skill set to be able to render your own hairstyle creations without needing a reference image. This course is ideal for all digital artists, although it's specifically aimed at those with an advanced knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.

Free Files

1. Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator by 

Easy Hair Brushes for Adobe Illustrator

Create quick hair styles with the use of a collection of Scatter and Art Brushes. They can be used to create silhouetted hair, black and white, grey scale, monochrome, colored and even realistic styled vector hair!.

2. 168 Vector Art Brushes by 

168 Vector Art Brushes

This set of brushes, for Adobe Illustrator, includes 10 different media libraries with 168 unique art brushes. Add a hand drawn feel to your clean vector lines. These brushes were created by hand from actual media.

3. Vector Grunge Repeat Patterns by 

Vector Grunge Repeat Patterns

These seamless texture patterns are great for adding a roughened look to text, vector shapes and backgrounds. The non-colored part of each pattern is transparent so you can add your own background color.

Free files are available for download on the course page under the "source files" download button. Files and course are free until Sunday 29 March. If you don't already have a free Tuts+ account you will need to create one to view the course and download the files.

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