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450+ Video Courses From Expert Instructors

Video-based courses to help you learn creative and technical skills.

Design & Illustration

  • Adobe Illustrator

    Invitation Design in Adobe Illustrator

    2 hours
  • Packaging Design

    Design Print-Ready Product Packaging

    1.8 hours
  • Adobe Photoshop

    Creative Photo Effects in Adobe Photoshop

    2.5 hours
  • Photo Manipulation

    Fluid Photo Manipulation: Transform, Warp, and Liquify

    2.3 hours
  • Game Design

    The Fundamentals of Background Art for Video Games

    2.4 hours
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Advanced Vector Portraits: Spooky Edition

    1.6 hours
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Shape Creation in Adobe Illustrator

    2.1 hours
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Illustrating with Type: Typographic Posters & Word Clouds

    1.9 hours
  • Illustration

    Drawing Fantasy Creatures Digitally

    2.2 hours
  • Illustration

    Fundamentals of Children's Illustration

    2.8 hours
  • Graphic Design

    Design a Publish-Worthy eBook Cover

    1.9 hours
  • Adobe Photoshop

    Mastering 3D in Adobe Photoshop

    1.9 hours
  • Adobe Photoshop

    Getting Started with Smart Objects

    1.1 hours
  • Drawing

    Digital Drawing 101: Drawing Animals

    2.6 hours
  • Adobe Illustrator

    Mastering Male Vector Portraits

    1.4 hours