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4.2 Preparing a File for Sharing Online

With the rise of social media, it's necessary to create shareable versions of our print designs. In this lesson, we'll learn how to resize our poster for sharing as an Instagram story and how to export a file when there are size constraints.

4.2 Preparing a File for Sharing Online

Hi there, welcome back. With the popularity of social media, it is necessary to create a digital version of our printed design to be shared. In this lesson, we will learn how to export and resize files to be used online. Let's take a look. In the last lesson, we saved a copy of the file with crop marks, and that's the one that I have open right now. But for this, we need the original file. If you don't need to change the dimensions, then we can go ahead and save. Head over to the menu bar, and select File > Save for Web. Head over to the right side of the panel, and you can choose the file that you need. So for example, I will be using JPEG. You can change the quality of the JPEG. So for example, I can have mine as Very High. And here we can change the size through pixels, so if you need a specific width. So for example, I can have a width of 800 pixels. It will automatically change the height. And this will help to lower the size of the JPEG. Here you can see roughly what the size is. Some websites have a limit of what size you can upload. So if it is still too high, you can change the quality to maybe High, and that might work. So we can go ahead and save. I'll save my file in the same folder that I've been saving it. And we have a JPEG file here. Click on Save. And we have our JPEG file right here, ready to be shared. If we need to change the dimensions of the poster and move some elements around, this is how we can do it. On the toolbar, select the Crop tool or C on your keyboard. We will change the dimension to 16 by 9, and this is the standard Instagram story size. If you don't have that option, just type 16 by 9 and resize the poster to fit in from the very top to the very bottom. Press Enter to apply the crop. And now let's bring the grids by pressing Cmd+semicolon. Now we need to move the two side margins to fit back into the dimensions of the story. So head over to View > New Guide, and type 1 centimeter, orientation vertical, click OK. And we can get rid of this guide by dragging it into the ruler. Now with this guide, we can measure the final size of the document in centimeters. So let's bring it here, and that is 16.70 centimeters. So the margin will be at 15.70 centimeters. So let's head over to View > New Guide, 15.70 centimeters. Click OK, and there it is, our new margin. Now we want to resize everything to make it fit within the margin. So let's select all of the layers in the Layer panel. Select the first one. Hold down Shift and select the last layer on the Layers panel. Press Cmd+T to transform, and we can transform this to fit within our new margins. So we, right there, press Enter to exit. And then we can start moving the top of the poster to the very top margin and the bottom to the very bottom margin. So let's select these two, which are the bottom. Right there, and then the rest of the poster. Hold down Cmd if you want to select another layer that is not consecutive to the ones at the top, so right there. And then we can move these to the top. To save a JPEG, head over to File > Save for Web. Select the file that you would like to save it as. For me, it will be JPEG. I'll leave this as High for now. And in Image Size, I will put 1080. And it will change to 1920 here for the height. And this is the size that we need for Instagram. Now you will see here that the size lowered. If there is any size limit, you can play with these options right here. I'll leave mine as High, Save, and I will put here Instagram. Save, let's head over to our folder. Here we have our Instagram story file to be shared, and we have our regular JPEG here. In this chapter, we've looked at how to prepare files for printing and to be shared online. In the next lesson, we will do a recap of what we've learned in this course. I'll see you there.

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