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2.1 Tools

In this video we’ll be highlighting some tools and devices which you will need to create doodles, to outline them, and to scan or photograph them in order to transfer them to your PC and prepare them for digitizing.

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2.Creating Doodle Art
3 lessons, 11:28

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What to Doodle?

How to Doodle?

3.Vector Your Doodles
3 lessons, 16:23

Digitizing Doodles

Image Tracing

Outlining With Brushes

4.Vector Art From Doodle Pieces
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Coloring Vector Doodles

Create a Custom Template

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2.1 Tools

Hi all and welcome to How to Vector Doodle Art Course with Yulia Sokolova at tuts+. In this short lesson, we'll take a look at some tools and devices which we'll probably need to create doodles, to outline them, to scan all photos then in order to transfer them onto your computer and prepare them for digitizing. Let's get started. So first of all, we need a piece of paper. It doesn't matter if it is a sheet of office paper, a sketchbook, an album for drawing or anything else. Just make sure your paper doesn't contain any grid, that it is blank and white because we need a clean contrast image. So, we're gonna need a rubber or a kneaded eraser. The next thing we'll need is an ordinary graphite pencil Or mechanical graphite pencil for the draft or any rough lines. If you don't need to make any preliminary sketches, then just skip this tool and move right to the next one. Another thing is a liner, I'll be using two black liners of two different sizes, one of them a bit thicker and another one is a bit thinner. You can actually use a liner of any other color, because we can always change the color of the image after we import it into a graphic program. If you don't have a liner, you can either use a ball pen or a gel pen. But sometimes those thing just don't work above the pencil sketch. In this case, you can either draw using a pen without pencil sketches or use a soft pencil making thick, dark strokes without outlining them. Those will be contrast enough for our purpose. The last, but not the least on our list, is one of these devices. You will need a scanner or a photo camera or a camera on your smartphone in order to scan or make a shot of your image and save it to your computer. So, that's all you need to make your doodles. As you can see, you can actually pick any drawing tool to your liking and use it to make nice doodles. The only condition is that your drawing should look nice and clean at the end with a blank background. In our next lesson, we'll think of the topic of our future set of tools, making a list of themes. And we'll look through some useful websites where we can find some inspiration as well as quality references for our drawings. Stay tuned.

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