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1.1 Introduction

Hello and welcome to the How to Create Vector Art From Doodles course at Envato Tuts+. My name is Yulia Sokolova, and I’ll be your instructor. I'll show you how to create intricate doodles and then turn them into nice, clean vectors. This introduction video is an overview of what you will learn during this course.

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2.Creating Doodle Art
3 lessons, 11:28

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What to Doodle?

How to Doodle?

3.Vector Your Doodles
3 lessons, 16:23

Digitizing Doodles

Image Tracing

Outlining With Brushes

4.Vector Art From Doodle Pieces
2 lessons, 13:47

Coloring Vector Doodles

Create a Custom Template

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1.1 Introduction

Hello, everyone and welcome to how to back to doodle art course with Tuts plus my name is Ulassa Gola\g. I am a digital artist and graphic designer working with computer graphics and vector art for more than ten years. I'll be your instructor guiding you throughout this course. I have a great passion for both traditional and digital art combining hand drawn art may do with traditional medium and the advantages of vectographics. This way, you not only enjoy the meditative and calming process of drawing on paper and creating fences who are really diverse in a free hand. But you also learn a simple way of turning your doodles into clean neat vectors. What do we needed for? Well digitizing your outlines gives you a number of advantages such as for example scale ability which means that you can change the size of your image without any quality loss. Apart from that you can color and the re color your do this very quickly combining various elements together this way creating a huge variety of doodle, SAS first stickers banners various advertisement templates. And so, on you can easily use those doodles in graphic design for a commercial or your personal project. So in this course we'll go through the full process of creating doodles starting by Begin the Topic and Searching for Inspiration and References on Special Web Resources. Then we'll transfer our paper images into computer. Make it some simple adjustments and discovering several easy and exciting ways of turning them into vector outlines. Finally, we'll color our doodles using one of the most useful Adobe Illustrator tools, and we'll finish up by combining our vectorized and color doodles into well balanced thematical compositions. I'll be showing you a process of creating of a colorful travel banner, and by the end of this course you'll be able to give a new life to your paper scratches, making fancy images. Which can be used as templates for invitations or postcards or any other printed materials. I hope you're already feeling inspired and willing to start this course. It will give you a unique opportunity of turning your doodles into something new Opening new horizons for creativity and imagination. Let's move to the next video of our course and look through some tools and devices, which we'll need for grating and digitizing our doodles. See you in the next lesson.

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