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4.1 Coloring Vector Doodles

In this lesson we’ll be using the Live Paint Bucket to color the outlined vector shapes quickly and easily. I've included an Adobe Illustrator file with a gentle color palette for summer doodles in the source files for this course. Enjoy!

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2.Creating Doodle Art
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What to Doodle?

How to Doodle?

3.Vector Your Doodles
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Digitizing Doodles

Image Tracing

Outlining With Brushes

4.Vector Art From Doodle Pieces
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Coloring Vector Doodles

Create a Custom Template

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4.1 Coloring Vector Doodles

Hello everyone, and welcome back to how to doodle vector art course with Yulia Sokolova at tuts+. In this lesson, we'll be using the live paint bucket to color the outline vector shapes fast and easy. Let's see how we can do it. Here we have our outlines on a separate layer. Let's copy this layer and hide it for now. Select everything and go to Object > Live Paint > Make. Now we need to take the live paint bucket tool. Let's select the fill color in the color panel, And start coloring the suitcase. Just hover your mouse over the area that you want to color, and as you see a thick selection around it, click to fill it with color, easy as that. Change the field color in the color panel and continue coloring the suitcase. Apply a darker yellow color to the sides. And fill the handle with a nice blue color. Don't forget to color the stickers on the front surface. And now let's color the next element, a boat. Take the eye dropper tool, shortcut i, and let's pick the nice yellow color from the front part of the suitcase. Switch back to the Live Paint Bucket shortcut key, and fill the sail of our boat. Now you can easily switch between these two tools, the Eyedropper tool and the Live Paint Bucket by pressing the I and K keys on the keyboard. And this way you'll be able to pick the colors from the one object and then apply them to another object. Let's apply the colors to all the elements of our boat. Continue picking the colors and applying them to our doodles. After you've picked the color with the Eyedropper tool, you can adjust it in the color panel, changing its saturation, brightness and so on. For these elements I use bright, vivid colors which remind me of summer time, traveling, adventures, and which represent the theme of my doodles in the best way. I'm not using any special resources or tools to create my color palettes. I just pick them by guess and see whether I like the selected color combination or not. You can try using photos or images that you like, or that are corresponding with the topic as references and try picking the colors directly from there using the Eyedropper tool. If you like this particular color palette that we used in this part of video, you can get it from the source files to this course. I've included it there for you as a pilot document with all the colors in the swatches panel. Now as we colored some of the elements, let's see how we can continue working with them. We still have all the elements united into a live paint group. Let's turn them back into separate objects. Go to Object > Live Paint > Expand. Now if we ungroup everything, we can see that we have all the shapes messed up together. And apart from that, the outlines are broken into separate pieces. Let's fix it. First of all, open the Magic Wand options panel and make sure that the fill color tolerance is set to zero. This will allow us to select the objects of one of the same color. Now take the magic wand tool, select the brown outline and delete it. And that's why we've made a copy of our outlines at the very beginning. Remember? Make the lines visible again and let's unite the elements back into groups. Use the selection tool and Ctrl+G keys to select and group the shapes. And we can also use the magic wand tool to select the same colors and then add them from the color panel, making them lighter or darker. Color all the objects up to the end. You can make another copy of the outlines that we haven't called yet, and then use the same technique again. And that's it. Great job guys. We learned to use the live paint feature of Adobe Illustrator. And now our doodles look really vivid, colorful, and almost completed. Let's move to our next video and see how we can combine the elements, turning them into groups, and creating some fancy cards and templates. See you in the next lesson.

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