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1.1 Welcome to the Course

Welcome to Advanced Photoshop for Everyone. My name is Melody Nieves, and I’ll be your instructor. Adobe Photoshop is the standard, all-encompassing design tool that helps creatives fulfill all their wondrous endeavors. We'll be using Photoshop composting and photo manipulation techniques, along with other Photoshop effects, to create a stunning piece of digital art. In this intro, we’ll go over all the exciting lessons to come in this advanced Photoshop tutorial.

1.1 Welcome to the Course

So how do I get these pictures to end up as this final result? Wait a minute, did you say tea time with dragons? Okay, Challenge accepted. [MUSIC] Everyone, my name is Melody Nieves and welcome back to Envato. Now if you have ever wanted to level up in Adobe Photoshop, then stay for this class, because we're gonna go over some pretty incredible tips while also learning how to use these amazing graphics from Envato elements. >> And if you're new to Photoshop, no worries. I'll show you the key tools and techniques to consider so that you always make art just like an expert.

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