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1.4 Finding Inspiration

How do you find inspiration for your digital art? From 3D smart objects to high-quality photos, this next lesson shows you how to get inspired easily by the amazing assets found on Envato Elements.

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1.4 Finding Inspiration

[MUSIC] So every time I work with someone else's pictures, I usually like to try to highlight them to the best possible result. Not only because I have a lot of respect for the people in the community who add to our art but also because it's kind of like a little old to the design community for myself. Besides I really want to show off these pictures are really cool and I think they deserve that. What normally happens for a lot of people though is that maybe they'll start with an idea and then go looking for pictures. Or like myself, I started with the initial pictures and then just developed the idea from there. So the original photograph and inspires this entire thing is this beautiful picture from our photo deema. Now this doesn't happen every single time. But you can pretty much say that as soon as I saw this picture, I knew I was gonna use it and that I was gonna use this awesome 3D dragon sculpture I've had bookmarked since forever. But let's say you can't really seem to be inspired by anything, right? So try out this really simple trick okay. Look at your computer screen, stare right straight down the middle and as you begin to scroll. Use your peripheral vision to kind of blur out everything else that's going on and really kind of focus in on the kind of content that seems to be pulling you and drawing you in. That's how I found this picture I really like starting off with this picture because it's a really beautiful scene. It's this nice natural environment. She's got a cool robe on but aside from that the model's face in her expression is also really restrained. And because there isn't any big expression like a big smiling expression or a big sad face Is that would really start to change the mood of this piece. I know that I can pretty much add whenever I want around her. The next step is to do more research to make this an even more believable idea. Now I'm a mixed chick who loves history and culture so yeah, a part of this research means that I definitely want to take a respectful approach as I dive into the cultures that are present. I am pretty fascinated with Eastern craftsmanship specifically around these Chinese dragon sculptures. They're always so beautiful. They represent good luck. They're used in so many celebrations, and you may even see them in everyday items. But I also wanna take a modern approach here too, to make this story really come alive. I'll add a couple of cool accessories. These accessories come in the form of 3D smart objects, photoshop templates, and these lovely floral design items all from envato elements. All in all I ended up using around ten different digital products, to get to this magical story.

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