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1.1 Introduction

Hello and welcome to 10 Tips to Master Adobe Photoshop Brushes. My name is Melody Nieves, and I’ll be your instructor for this course. In this first lesson, we’ll learn the important role Photoshop brushes play in creating digital paintings, photo manipulations, and more.

You can find the photos I used to help create the artwork seen throughout this course linked below.

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1.1 Introduction

Bring your ideas to life by mastering Photoshop's brush tool. Digital art is an exhilarating medium which gives you more control over your work. And by learning a few essential tips and tricks in Photoshop, you can conquer the basics and move on towards stunning, digital illustrations. Hi everyone, my name is Meladine Alves for Envato Tuts plus, and welcome to this course, ten tips to master Photoshop brushes. I'm a digital artist with 10 years of experience creating digital paintings, photo manipulations and more with Adobe Photoshop. So for this course I'll be giving you ten of the best tips that I know for overcoming your worries with this incredible flexible tour. You'll finally learn how to blend colors together, how to master the sketch process for sleek and clean design, and also learn where to find cool Photoshop brushes on Envato elements and more. Just apply these tips in your spare time, and I promise you'll be on your way to the illustrations you've always wanted to create. So let's kick things off with our first lesson, d to basic brushes.

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