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5.1 Conclusion

Welcome back to 10 tips to Master Adobe Photoshop Brushes. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about this phenomenal tool. Use it in various creative projects, from digital painting to photo manipulation. Remember to keep practicing and testing out new brushes as you get better. My name is Melody Nieves, and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, thanks for watching.

5.1 Conclusion

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Ten Tips to Master Photoshop Brushes. My name is Melody Nieves and I've been your instructor for this course. I hope you've enjoyed learning more about the Brush Tool and ten easy ways that can really help your digital illustrations. So let's go over a quick recap of everything we've learned. As hard as digital art seems sometimes, the best thing you can do is to just keep pushing forward. So no matter your experience level, growing your confidence will require a certain amount of dedication. Practice these tips over and over again in your spare time until they become a natural part of your work flow. Here are the ten tips we've covered. Always start with basic brushes. These are usually round brushes with varying hardness levels. Despite your curiosity for others, these will be your automatic go-tos for any illustration or design. Learn about brush efficiency and the layers panel. Save time by memorizing essential keyboard shortcuts and get used to experimentation in the layers panel, I promise it'll pay off in the long run. Get to know pen pressure. Take advantage of pen pressure sensitivity for beautiful tapered strokes. And remember, only with a pen tablet will you be able to have access to this option. Learn how to blend brushes. Incorporate the eye dropper and brush tools into your work flow to create seamless blending. Take your time and change the opacity and hardness often for incredible results. Know the difference between hard and soft brushes. Use soft ones for blending and hard edges for crisp lines and details. For number 6, we learned how to use texture brushes, adding realism with just a few clicks. The varying graininess of texture brushes is just enough texture for hyper realism and that real world look. Remember to use other brush types too. The eraser tool is my go-to while others prefer the smudge tool and more. Experiment with other brush types for a variety of amazing effects. And for the last tips, learn how to install custom brushes, create and organize your own, and remember to take advantage of Photoshop presets to save valuable file space and time. Continue to practice as often as possible to give yourself the space to grow as an artist. For more amazing Photoshop Brushes, access thousands of incredible assets from Envato Elements. Special effect brushes, for instance, take the hassle out of painting these effects by hand for simple one-click results. Find me on social media for even more tips and remember to share your results with us all. My name is Melody Nieves and from all of us here at Envato Tuts+, good luck on your creative journey.

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