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4.1 Letter Your Alphabet

In this lesson, you’ll create an entire alphabet using the skills you have learned.

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4.1 Letter Your Alphabet

Welcome back. Now you've practiced the basic letter forms and how they are made, you can be more creative. It's important to have practiced the individual brushstrokes and shapes that make up each letter like we did in the previous lesson. Because all the fancy swirls and flourishes are just decoration on top of the basic skeleton. If you know how to letter the structures of the letters you can apply personality while still allowing the lettering to look precise and professional. There are hundreds of ways to draw each letter. And this video lesson you will be ready to find what works best for you. I'm going to draw some examples now so you can see just a few ways to draw the same letter. Use as much paper as you need as you experiment with each letter creating upper case and lower case letters. If you get stuck have a look at some of the hand written fonts that is part of your Envato Element subscription. Studying the individual letters and shapes and then apply the light output and heavy downward pressure as well as the standard brush strokes we practiced. Join me in the next video to learn about joining your letters together and how to apply them to letter for words.

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